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Surname Idris - Meaning and Origin

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Idris: What does the surname Idris mean?

The last name 'Idris' is of Semitic origin, derived from the Arabic 'Idris', meaning 'interpreter' or 'teacher.' Idris is believed to be the name of the Islamic prophet and scholar, and has since been used as a first name throughout the Arab world.

Idris is a popular surname in countries with large Muslim populations such as Algeria, Syria, Pakistan, and Malaysia. In some countries, it has also been adopted as a first name in honor of the prophet.

The name is often associated with walking the straight path, as is mentioned in many religious texts. It is also believed to have the power to bring good luck to its bearers.

Idris has also been used to honor a variety of people throughout the centuries, ranging from scholars to warriors to politicians.

The name is shared by many prominent people, including Idris Elba, an English actor and rapper; Idris Aloma Makama, a Nigerian artist and filmmaker; and Idris Jala, a Malaysian politician and economist.

Idris is a powerful name with a long-lasting legacy. Its bearers have a strong, independent spirit and a willingness to pursue justice, knowledge, and wisdom. Its meaning and origin serve as a reminder to stay on the right path and respect the wisdom of our ancestors.

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Idris: Where does the name Idris come from?

Idris is a surname commonly found in the Middle East and North Africa, particularly in countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, and Kashmir. Many people with this surname can also be found in countries in Europe, such as England and Germany, and in the United States of America. The Idris clan is quite large, spanning the Arab world, with over a hundred thousand bearers of the name listed in the 2013 telephone directory alone.

The Idrisi family has also made its home in countries such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Canada. It has been speculated that certain members of the family migrated to these countries in search of greater political and economic stability throughout various centuries.

It is believed that the Idris family got its name from an ancestor, a knight named Idris ibn 'Abdullah, who lived in mid 7th century Makkah. His descendants lived in the area of Makkah and were known as "Idrisi". Today, this large family is spread out across a large area of the world. Some of the more prominent bearers of this distinguished surname still live in their traditional home countries, bearing their history proudly.

In short, Idris is a Middle Eastern and North African surname of Arab origin, with a presence in Europe, North America and Canada. Due to its strong lineage, the Idris clan counts many illustrious members and is distributed widely across the world.

Variations of the surname Idris

The surname Idris is derived from the first name Idris, which is of North African Arabic origin. The meaning of the name is usually linked to a figure in Islamic tradition and can sometimes be translated to mean “lord” or “master.”

The surnames and spellings of Idris vary depending on the region of origin. For example, in Egypt the alternative spellings include Adris or Edrees. In Libya the variants include Idrees and Jedras, while in the United States the surname is often seen spelled as Idriss or Edris. In Saudi Arabia, variants include Alidris, Alidrees, and Elidris.

In addition to these variants, the surname Idris can also take on alternate surnames. Idris can be seen as the surname of the Berber, a North African tribal ethnicity, where the name is seen as Hedris or Hedrees. In France and England the surname appears as Edris, Adris, and Adrees. In Spain, the surname is seen as Eidris and Edris.

The surnames associated with the name Idris often take on various spellings and can have alternate versions depending on the ethnicity and region. Despite the differences in spelling, all of these variants trace back to one common name and origin, making them related and of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Idris

  • Idris Elba: British actor best known for roles in films such as Avengers: Endgame, The Wire, Luther, and Thor.
  • Mutabaruka: Jamaican dub poet and Rastafarian performer whose works address themes of racism, poverty, and injustice.
  • Idris Khan: British artist known for his photographic and mixed-media works exploring the impact of memory and history on the present.
  • Mubariz Mansimov Idrisov: prominent Azerbaijani diplomat and government official.
  • Abubakar Idris: Nigerian poet and playwright from the Hausa culture.
  • Idris Price: Award-winning Welsh radio presenter.
  • Idris Mohammed: former Kenyan long-distance runner who won gold in the 3,000 metres at the 1990 Commonwealth Games.
  • Idris Abu-Saleh: Palestinian film director whose works have featured at the Cannes and Fukuoka Asian Film Festivals.
  • Idris King: Nigerian reggae and afropop artist known for his socially conscious lyrics.
  • Umar Idris: Nigerian banker and former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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