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Surname Idszun - Meaning and Origin

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Idszun: What does the surname Idszun mean?

The last name Idszun is of Polish origin and derives from a personal name such as Idsko or Idszko. It is believed to have originated during the Middle Ages, when given names were created to distinguish between multiple individuals with the same given name. The root of the name is thought to come from the Old Polish personal name Idszon, which is derived from the Slavic given name Isdzon.

The name Idszun was likely first found in the royal court of Poland during the Middle Ages, where it was used as an attached, or patronymic, last name. The most likely origin of the name is the Old Polish personal name Isdzon. It is believed that this name was derived from the Old Slavic name isdzon, which translates to “shepherd” or “shepherding”.

The name Idszun is still fairly widespread in Poland today, and there are a few other less common variations of the name such as Idszko, Idsko, and Idszyn. Individuals with this surname are most likely of Polish heritage, and the name is likely to have been handed down over generations.

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Idszun: Where does the name Idszun come from?

The last name Idszun is of Slavic origin and is most commonly found in countries such as Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine. It is also sometimes seen in parts of Russia and the Czech Republic. Within those countries, it is most frequently found in urban areas in the east and northeast.

Idszun is a rare name and data from the 2000 United States Census show that it is not present in the United States. However, if you do find someone with the Idszun last name in the United States, it is likely that they are either Polish immigrants or their descendants.

Given the locations of the countries in which Idszun is typically found, it is likely that Poles are the ethnic group who adopted the last name centuries ago. It is possible that the name originated in Poland, and was then taken to other Slavic-speaking countries.

Given the rarity of the Idszun surname, those who bear the name should be proud to know that they are likely descendants of some of the earliest people who adopted the surname. While the prevalence of the Idszun last name today is relatively thin, it is still carried by many in various parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Idszun

Idszun is a Polish and Lithuanian surname that appears in its various forms and spellings throughout the world. These include the variants Idszun, Idszunn, Idszunna, and Idszuner. In some cases, it has been also seen as Idszuns.

In Poland, it is amongst the most common of surnames. It is believed to be derived from the old-Polish nickname “Idzun”, which in turn relates back to the old-Polish word “idszunia” meaning “manger” or “hayloft”. The surname is quite popular in Lithuania and is often spelled as “Idzunas” or “Idzunonis”.

In the United States, the surnames Idszun, Idszunna, Idszuner, and Idszuns are all seen. It is interesting to note that while these different spelling variants are all derived from the same source, they tend to be used for different subgroups of the same ancestral family.

In the United Kingdom, Idszun is also a common surname, but it tends to vary slightly in spelling. It is sometimes seen as Itscun, Itscunna, Itscunnik, and Itscunnovsky. In some cases, slight variations have been seen where the letters Z and S have been reversed, resulting in Itczun, Itczunna and Itczunnik.

In Russia, the surnames Idszun and Idszunnik are sometimes seen being used. In some cases, the suffix “itch” is added to the name, resulting in the name Idszunitch. Additionally, the spelling of the name may be altered slightly, so instead of Idszun, one could see Idszune or Idszus.

The spelling may also vary slightly between different languages. For example, in German, the surname is often spelled as Idsznun, Idsznuna, Idsznuener, and Idszunner. In French, it is usually seen as Idszon, Idszonna, Idszonner, and Idszons.

Famous people with the name Idszun

  • Miriam Idszun, a Polish theater, radio, TV and film actress
  • Ewa Idszun, a Polish film, theatre and television actress
  • Maciej Idszun, an award-winning Polish photographer, cinematographer and director
  • Jerzy Idszun, a Polish basketball player
  • Stefan Idszun, a Polish film and television actor
  • Jan Idszun, former Governor of the National Bank of Poland
  • Daniel Idszun, a Polish volleyball player
  • Aleksander Idszun, a Polish long-distance runner
  • Ksawery Idszun, a notable Polish poet and publicist in the interwar period
  • Elżbieta Idszun, a notable Polish musicologist and music theorist.

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