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Surname Ifland - Meaning and Origin

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Ifland: What does the surname Ifland mean?

The last name Ifland is of German origin and is believed to have two separate origins. The first being a locational name for someone who lived near a slope, derived from the Germanic word for ‘incline’ or ‘landing place’. The second origin is a patronymic name meaning ‘son of Ipho’ (in the Middle Ages, German surnames were taken using a variety of prefixes or suffixes).

It is also possible that Ifland is a surname derived from the name of a small village in Bavaria. It may have been adopted by a family who originally hailed from the village.

Ifland is a rare surname, and can still be found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland today. Those who have the surname are often closely related, as the surname has been passed down through generations of one family.

Throughout history, the name may have sometimes been corrupted to other similar sounding surnames, such as Effland or Ifeln.

Today, those who carry the surname can be found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Depending on their genealogy, they could belong to a family that has been around for centuries, and who can trace their lineage back to the Middle Ages.

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Ifland: Where does the name Ifland come from?

The last name Ifland appears to be most commonly found in Germany in modern times. There are about 222 people living in Germany today who hold the Ifland name. It seems that this surname originated in the Middle Ages near the Harz mountain range, in Thuringia.

The Ifland surname can be found in Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia, in court records from the Rockefeller Archive. In 1716, for example, Peter Ifland lived in Neudietendorf. In the same year, a George Ifland was found in Inchenhofen, a village located in the Bavarian administrative district of Nordgau.

In the mid-19th century, Ifland emigrated to the United States, settling in Illinois, Iowa, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. An Ifland family also migrated to many other parts of the world, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Australia.

It is believed that the Ifland family name originated from the German Word "iffland" or "iflandt," which could mean "hills surrounded by moors or bogs." However, some sources suggest that the name may come from the ancient medieval word "ifflande," which is a derivative of "iffel," which means creek.

The Ifland family is related to many other families of German descent with similar surnames such as Iflandt, Iflande, Eifflandt, Eiffland, and Efland. Today, however, the most common spelling of the Ifland name in Germany is simply "Ifland."

Variations of the surname Ifland

The surname Ifland is an ancient Germanic name. It is associated with the nobility of Europe and can be traced back to the time period of the Middle Ages. The variants of this surname include Iflandt, Iflant, Iflend, Yfflandt, Yfland, Yflandt, Yfflant, Yfflend, Iffland, Yfflen, Eiffland and Ifflant.

This surname is derived from a combination of two words - Ivo or Yvo and land, which can mean land, territory, region or domain. The name itself indicates either land belonging to Ivo or an alternate form of a personal name which is formed from the Latinpersonal name Ivo. This personal name Ivo is descended from the Celtic word yf, which means yew. Hence those bearing the surname Ifland likely have ancestral roots in this historical region of Europe, where yew tree harvesting was a prominent activity in the past.

This surname is also associated with many variations in spelling. The variants mentioned previously are a few of these numerous variations. Other spellings for Ifland include Yfflenth, Yfflen, Yfflant, Yflande, Ifflent, Eifflandt and Yfflandt.

The surname Ifland is also linked to various alternate surnames such as Yfflent, Ifflandt, Yfflen, Yfflenth, Yfflandt, Yflande, Ifflant, Ifflend, Eiffland, and Ifflent. These various spellings and alternate surnames still contain references to the same root surname, and it is likely that most of them have either evolved or been misheard due to a changing language over time.

In conclusion, if one traces their ancestry far enough back, they may stumble across this ancient family name, and see the many spellings and alternate surnames associated with it.

Famous people with the name Ifland

  • Eva Ifland: German actress
  • Matt Ifland: American actor
  • Nancy Ifland: American writer and publisher
  • Roger Ifland: American ice hockey coach
  • Michael Ifland: American musician and producer
  • William Ifland: American military veteran and politician
  • Kimberly Ifland: American folk singer
  • Philip Ifland: American artist
  • Jeffrey Ifland: British geneticist
  • John Ifland: American football coach

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