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Surname Illakowicz - Meaning and Origin

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Illakowicz: What does the surname Illakowicz mean?

The last name Illakowicz is of Polish origin. The etymology of the name is derived from the root 'ila' or 'ela,' which means “of the words” or "elite". The ending “-owicz” is a patronymic suffix that is a derivative of the father's name, so the literal meaning of Illakowicz is “son of Illa” or “descendant of Illa.” It is also possible that the name Illakowicz comes from the Polish term “Iłakowicz”, which is a military officer’s surname.

Illakowicz is one of the many surnames descended from the Illa clan of Poland. The clan is believed to have descended from a medieval hunting family. Their martial traditions and military background make them one of the earliest and most respected families in Poland. The Illa clan is closely associated with nobles and kings, and they were the first recipients of a wild game hunting certificate from the King of Poland.

Throughout their long history, some Illakowicz have moved to other countries, particularly the United States, and have taken the name with them. It is estimated that there are currently about 800 families around the world with the surname Illakowicz. The roots and traditions of the Illa Clan have been passed down through the generations, and today the members of this family are proud to share their noble Polish heritage.

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Illakowicz: Where does the name Illakowicz come from?

The last name Illakowicz is generally considered to be of Polish origin, and it is most common today in that country. According to FamilySearch, as of 2020, there were over 4,400 people with this surname living in Poland. The name is fairly well-distributed throughout the country with the highest concentrations being in the area of Pomerelia close to the city of Gdansk in northern Poland, and in Silesia in the southern region.

It is likely that the surname was used by families living in one or more of the many regions of Poland which were divided and reorganized during various periods in the nation’s history. The name has also spread to a number of countries outside Poland with significant Illakowicz populations in the United States, England, Canada, and Australia.

Delve deeper into the Illakowicz family history and the origins of its name and you’ll find that it is closely linked to the Slavic region of Poland known as Lower Silesia. The name is derived from Slavic words meaning crown and ruler. The Illakowicz family may have originally come from this region but, due to various migrations, the surname has now become fairly dispersed throughout Europe.

Regardless of where the Illakowicz family ultimately originated, today this surname is most common in Poland, where many of the nation’s citizens proudly bear it as a mark of their heritage.

Variations of the surname Illakowicz

Illakowicz is a surname of Polish foundation, derived from a native name Illak, Illin or Illijn that is derived from the Greek Illyrian personal name Illo. The surname is quite rare, and variations of its spelling are Illakiewicz, Illakovetz, Illkovich, Illkowicz, Illkoff, Illcoff, Illcofsky, Illcofskie, Illcofskey and Ilowicz.

The variant surnames of Illakowicz are Illicowicz, Illichowicz, Illakowitz, Illakowich, Illakoff, Illkovski and Ilko. The spelling Illakowicz has also been adopted as the Romanian spelling, with Illakovici being a common form.

The surname Illkowicz generally occurs in the Polish records of the 19th century in the area of Limanowa, Nowy Sacz and the nearby towns.

The surnames derived from Illkowicz have even been found as far afield as Russia, the former East Europe countries of Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Illkowicz is also the surname of a distant branch of the family featured in the Irish genealogical records of the late 19th century.

Common variant spellings of Illkowicz are Illkovski, Illko, Illcovschi, Illcovskijs, Illkoff, Illcoff or Illcofsky. Other forms include Illcofskie, Yilkoff, Yillcovsky, Illcox, Yillcox, Yilcox and Ilowicz.

In its various spellings and variations, the surname Illakowicz is found in Germany, Eastern Europe, American, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most of the British Isles, Scandinavia, Asia and Africa.

Famous people with the name Illakowicz

  • Eryk Illakowicz: Fashion photographer, film director and filmmaker
  • Martin Illakowicz: Figure skater
  • Magda Illakowicz: Polish-born Canadian sculpture, installation and performance artist
  • Andrzej Illakowicz: Actor
  • Andrzej Illakowicz: Sound engineer
  • Andrzej Illakowicz: Award-winning electronic music composer and producer
  • Mateusz Illakowicz: Esports Professional
  • Krzysztof Illakowicz: Polish entrepreneur
  • Maria Illakowicz: World-renowned geneticist, molecular biologist, and Director of the Institute of Molecular Genetics
  • Tadeusz Illakowicz: Composer and pianist

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