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Surname Imbriani - Meaning and Origin

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Imbriani: What does the surname Imbriani mean?

The last name Imbriani is derived from the Italian word “imbriana”, which literally translated means “from the mountain”. It is believed to be derived from the Southern Italian region around Calabria, as the surname is most common in Southern Apulia, Lucanian and Calabria.

It is believed that the original Imbriani’s were both mountain dwellers and livestock herders who inhabited the Apennine Mountains of central Italy. It is believed that these Imbriani’s were present in the region during the Medieval times, and that they were likely among the first to arrive in the area.

During the 1500s the Imbriani’s were among the first to settle in the region, and the surname is still present in the area today. It is likely that their occupations during the Medieval times included farming and herding, due to the abundance of mountain land that was available throughout the region.

Today there is a large immigrant population with the last name Imbriani. They may have descended from the original families in the area, or they may have traveled from Italy during the 1800s or early 1900s in search of a better life.

It is clear that the last name Imbriani has a long history, and it is likely to remain an important part of the region’s cultural landscape for many years to come. It is clear that regardless of where the last name originated, the Imbriani’s will always be remembered as hardworking mountain dwellers and pioneers of the region.

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Imbriani: Where does the name Imbriani come from?

The last name Imbriani is most common in Italy today, where it is estimated to be the 475th most common surname. Specifically, it is most popular in the central Italian region of Marche and the smaller island-region of Sardinia. In the United States, Imbriani is still relatively uncommon - in 2020 it was the 70,051st most popular surname in the country.

The vast majority of those bearing the name in the United States descend from Italian immigrants who arrived in the early twentieth century, largely settling in the industrial cities of the northeast such as Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia, as well as in the agricultural-focused areas of the midwest. This is reflected in the fact that the states with the largest number of people with the last name Imbriani are Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, California, and Ohio.

The origin of the surname Imbriani is an Italian variation of the ancient Germanic name "Eburian" which translates to 'he who comes from the yew tree hamlet/settlement.'

Today, Imbriani's remain one of Italy's most influential families, with its members spread out across multiple industries and countries. The family includes prominent businesspeople, scientists, musicians, and entertainers. Furthermore, the family is associated with particular traditions such as its annual San Silvestro le Contrade festival, held in Casalecchio di Reno, an Italian commune.

Variations of the surname Imbriani

Imbriani is found more often than other Italian surnames, although its various variants can be quite common in many other parts of the world where Italian immigrants have settled. The most common variants of Imbriani are: Imbriano, Imbrian, Imbriani, Imbrianne, and Imbryn. Though the variants of Imbriani that are more uncommon, such as Imbrianne and Imbryn, are not as frequently encountered as other spellings, they are still relatively common in some countries.

In some countries, the name Imbriani is also observed in its variant spelling Imbrian. This spelling is more common in France, as Imbrian is a French variation of the Italian surname. In Germany, Imbry is another variation of Imbriani often encountered.

In the United States, Imbriani has become Imbriano as a result of the Americanization of Italian names. Americanized variations of Imbriani are often seen in the form of Imbrian, LaBRIANA, LaBRIANE, LaBRYAN, LaBRYANS, LaBRYON, and LaBRYONS.

The surname Imbriani can often be found in its Italian hyphenated form, as Imbriani-Umbriani, or simply Umbriani. It is also encountered in its shortened form, Briani.

Finally, the surname Imbriani is traditionally considered a patronymic name, as many descendants of the original Imbriani family bear the surname. Other patronymic surnames derived from Imbriani are Imbrianelli, Imbrianetti, Imbrianicchi, Imbrianin, Imbrianoli, and Imbrianzi.

Famous people with the name Imbriani

  • Dina Imbriani: Dina Imbriani is the Vietnamese-American author of the Prize-winning novel, Flutter. She is also the co-founder of the literary collective, Love Boat.
  • Antonio Imbriani: Antonio Imbriani is an Italian actor who has appeared in series such as Le Maitre du Zodiaque and Il Préteur.
  • Cristian Imbriani: Cristian Imbriani is an Italian footballer who plays for Belgian club Mouscron as a defensive midfielder.
  • Molly Imbriani: Molly Imbriani is an American actress, writer, and producer most known for her roles in Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D and Little Girl.
  • Flavio Imbriani: Flavio Imbriani is a Brazilian broadcast journalist currently working for the Brazilian news channel TV Globo.
  • Annalisa Imbriani: Annalisa Imbriani is a Canadian fashion designer, businesswoman, and stylist, based in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Jasmine Imbriani: Jasmine Imbriani is an accomplished ballerina from Vancouver, British Columbia, currently in her third season as a dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
  • Ivan Imbriani: Ivan Imbriani is an Italian singer-songwriter known for his folk-rock-tinged compositions.
  • Emilia Imbriani: Emilia Imbriani is an Italian artist known for her textured sculptures and oil paintings.
  • Daniele Imbriani: Daniele Imbriani is a professional polo player from Argentina, currently ranked among the world’s top players.

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