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Surname Isack - Meaning and Origin

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Isack: What does the surname Isack mean?

The last name Isack is derived from a Germanic personal name, Isaac or Isaak. It first emerged in the 12th and 13th centuries in Germany, where it was a popular given name in both the Jewish and Christian domains.

The German form of the name is Isaac, while more modern variants of the name can also include Isac, Izaak, Izack, and Isack. The Hebrew spelling is Yitzchak.

This surname is manifested through various spellings with the same root and meaning. It is derived from the Hebrew word, Yitzchak, which means “he will laugh” or “he will rejoice”. This symbolic meaning was chosen to honor the joy of the Jewish patriarch, Isaac, in the Bible.

The surname Isack is found mainly in Germany, Central and Eastern European countries, Sweden, and the United States. The spread of the name eventually made it to other parts of the world as people migrated to new places.

In German-speaking countries, the surname Isack carries a reference to religion or faith. It is a popular name in Jewish families, as Isaac was an important figure in Jewish history and faith. In other regions, the name also carries a symbolic meaning of happiness and joy.

Today, the surname Isack is used all over the world and still carries the symbolic meanings from its biblical roots. It is used by people of all faiths and carries a unique and powerful connection to Jewish heritage and culture.

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Isack: Where does the name Isack come from?

The surname Isack is not particularly common today, but it is found in certain areas of the world. Most notably, people with the surname Isack are found in India, Germany, and South Africa.

In India, Isack is a relatively common name in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is also a part of the Jewish community, often found as a last name among Baghdadi Jews and Cochin Jews. This is likely due to the abnormal migrations of Jews throughout history.

In Germany, Isack is still a popular name found mainly in the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. It is also found in small numbers in other parts of the country.

South Africa is another significant hub for people with the last name Isack. This is likely because of the Portuguese/Jewish heritage of this country. The Jewish and Afrikaner populations of South Africa have kept the surname alive throughout its history.

Overall, while the surname Isack is not particularly common today, it is still found in certain parts of India, Germany, and South Africa. People with this surname often come from Portuguese/Jewish heritage but can also come from other backgrounds.

Variations of the surname Isack

The Isack surname is a variant of the patronymic surnames Isaac, Issac, Isaak, Izaac, Izack, and Izak, all of which originated from the Hebrew name Yitzchok.

The surname Isack is most commonly seen in the United States and is believed to have originated from the Eastern European Jewish name Isaac. Some variants of the original surname are Issack and Isacks.

In the United Kingdom, variations of the surname Isack are Izak, Isacke, and Issacke. In Germany, the spelling is usually Isaack, Izaak, or Izak.

The Scottish variant of the name Isack is Isaak, Izack, or Issac, while the French variants are Isaak or Isaacs.

There are also cases of anglicized surnames derived from the name Isack, such as Isakson, Issackson, Issak, and Issacs. Additionally, variations of the name Isack are also found in Ireland, with spellings such as Isaac, Isaccos, Isacke, Isake, Isakka, and Isokka.

Variants of the Isack surname can also be found in Jewish families, with surnames such as Isacovich, Isazkiewicz, Isackoff, Izyck, and Izbicka.

In summary, there are many spellings and variants of the surname Isack, including Issack, Isacks, Izak, Isacke, Isaak, Izaak, Issac, Isakson, Isakka, Issakson, Issak, Issacs, Isaacs, Isaccos, Isake, Isokka, Isacovich, Isazkiewicz, Isackoff, Izyck, and Izbicka.

Famous people with the name Isack

  • Amir Isack: A Reggea artist from Tanzania who began his career in 2011.
  • Habonima Isack: Tanzanian actress and film producer who was involved in the Tanzanian movie industry in the 1970s.
  • Nathalie Rozanes-Isack: Performing artist, dancer and pilates instructor.
  • Samir Isack: French comedian, presenter and TV host.
  • Mohammed Isack: A documentary filmmaker from Tanzania.
  • Ahmed Ali Isack: Kenyan long-distance athlete who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.
  • Mwita Isack: Well-known Tanzanian comedian and actor.
  • Patel Isack– Tanzanian journalist and editor of Ushirikino Magazine.
  • Abdeslam Isack: Spanish entrepreneur, economist and business consultant.
  • Chantal Isack: Award-winning Rwandan model and fashionista.

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