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Surname Ivers - Meaning and Origin

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Ivers: What does the surname Ivers mean?

The last name Ivers is of British origin, first appearing in midwestern England in the 12th century. It is derived from the Old Norse terms “i-vir”, meaning “belonging to the yew”, and “yfir”, meaning “over the yew”. These terms refer to someone who lived near or lived on a yew tree, which was associated with strength and regeneration due to its long-lasting properties. The surname could have evolved to represent a family who prized such attributes and likewise valued their ability to bounce back from tough times.

Ivers began to spread across the British Isles and beyond during the 16th and 17th centuries. It is found today in both England and the United States, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. The Ivers surname still carries the same connotations as it did centuries ago: It is a representation of strength and endurance in difficult times. Those with the Ivers last name can be proud to bear the name and to know that their ancestors stood strong and resilient in the face of countless obstacles.

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Ivers: Where does the name Ivers come from?

The last name of Ivers is most commonly associated with Ireland today, but historically it can be found in England. The first known records of the Ivers family can be traced to the 1100s in England. During this period, they typically settled in and around the Staffordshire region.

By the 1500s, Ivers had made the journey to Ireland. This emigration was largely due to the plantations set up by the British. These were opposed by many Irish Catholics and they were then forced from their land and to other areas. As a result, there is now a large concentration of Ivers in County Galway in the West of Ireland.

Today, the name Ivers is still scattered around the British Isles, but the vast majority of the population has remained in Ireland. For example, a quick search of the Irish census reveals that there are more than 300 individuals with the name Ivers living throughout the country. Additionally, there are significant numbers of people with the name living in England and Scotland, which further attests to the family's historical significance across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Ivers

The surname Ivers is derived from several different ancient roots, all of which have their own distinct variants and spellings.

From the ancient Old Norse of Viking settlers in England, this name can be traced to the root “Yfar,” a diminutive of “yfir” meaning “over” or “overlord.” Variants include Ivar, Ivarr, Yfir, and Iverin.

From the Old French of Norman settlers in England, it derived from the root “Yviers,” meaning “yew woods.” Variants include Ivery, Yvery, Yverye, and Yviers.

The Gaelic for Ivers is “Abair,” which is derived from the Old Norse Aapo meaning “river mouth” or “estuary.” Variants in this language include Abare, Aber, Abyer, and Ivor.

The Danish origin of Ivers also dates back to Norse settlers. This root is “Ivarr,” a diminutive of names starting with “Ivi,” which means “yew” or “archer.” Variants of this include Ivarson, Ivorsen, Ivorson, Yvarrson, and Yvarsson.

The Germanic origin of Ivers, and their most common spelling, dates back to the root “Ivarr” which is a variant of “Ebor” or “ever” which originally meant “boar.” Germanic variants of Ivers include Eber, Eberhart, Eberhardt, Iver, and Iversen.

Finally, Scandinavian settlers may have also brought Ivers to the region. In these instances, it is derived from the root “Ifar” which means “yew,” “archer” or “bowman.” Variants of this origin include Ifarrson, Ifarsson, Iffarsson, and Ivar.

Overall, Ivers is a very old surname with numerous variants and spellings, all of which can be trace back to a variety of ancient roots.

Famous people with the name Ivers

  • Bobby Ivers, Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Andy Ivers, doctor and professional wrestler
  • Blake Ivers, Olympic rower
  • Matilda Ivers, dancer and actress
  • Kate Ivers, actress
  • Kaitlyn Ivers, Zoom actor
  • Max Ivers, voice actor
  • Tom Ivers, MLB starting pitcher
  • Victoria Ivers, model
  • Willie Ivers, professional football player
  • Charlie Ivers, Canadian basketball player
  • Chris Ivers, professional strongman
  • Curtis Ivers, visual artist
  • Darlene Ivers, health activist
  • Edward Ivers, author
  • Eileen Ivers, Grammy Award winning violinist
  • Florence Ivers, president of the Musician's Institute
  • George Ivers, comedy filmmaker
  • Harold Ivers, yacht builder
  • Jacqueline Ivers, world champion skier

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