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Surname Janet - Meaning and Origin

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Janet: What does the surname Janet mean?

The last name Janet is of French origin and was an occupational name given to someone who was a farmer or a seller of wool or clothing. Janet can derive from two distinct sources. The first is the Old French name Janette, which is a diminutive of Jeanne, the French form of the name Joanna, meaning ‘God is gracious’. The second source is possibly an anglicised form of the Gaelic name Mac Shìomain, meaning ‘son of Simón’.

The last name Janet is now found mainly in France, but is also common in other parts of North America, particularly Quebec, as many French-speaking immigrants settled in large numbers in the region. Janet is also a surname found in Scotland, possibly as an anglicised variant of Mac Shìomain. During the Middle Ages, the name element Jan was widely popular throughout Europe and was used to form a variety of personal names.

The surname Janet is a common surname throughout the world today. It is most commonly associated with a diverse range of professions, primarily farming and textiles. The name can be used as either a first or last name, although it is more commonly found as a surname. Despite its popularity, the origin and meaning of this name remains a mystery.

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Janet: Where does the name Janet come from?

The name Janet is most common in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the United Kingdom, Janet is most popular in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is the 31st most common name in Scotland and the 23rd most common name in Northern Ireland.

In the United States, Janet is the 152nd most common name. It is popular in the Midwest and South but not as popular in the West or East.

In Canada, Janet is the 48th most common name. It is most popular in Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia.

In Australia, Janet is the 32nd most common name. It is most popular in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

In New Zealand, Janet is the 20th most common name. It is popular throughout the country, particularly in Wellington and Auckland regions.

In summary, the last name Janet is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is particularly popular in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Wellington and Auckland regions in New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Janet

Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Janet include Jayne, Janette, Jenner, Jenne, Jeanette, Jannet, Genette, Jennet, Ginny, Ginnet, Jaenette, Genet, Jeanne, Jennett, Gianetto, Janett, and Jenny.

The origins of Janet are unclear but it has been speculated that it has Celtic origins, is a Latinized form of the Celtic female name Ionna, and is also a diminutive form of Jeannette and Jeanne which are French female names derived from the Hebrew male name John.

Janet has been a popular name in Britain and Scotland since the Middle Ages where it was used as both a first and last name. In the 18th Century it is believed to have initially been used as a surname in America.

The name Janet has many derivatives including Jayne, Janette, Jenner, Jenne, Jeanette, Jannet, Genette, Jennet, Ginny, Ginnet, Jaenette, Genet, Jeanne, Jennett, Gianetto, Janett, and Jenny. These spellings reference different dialects or pronunciation styles of the same name.

All the variants, spellings and surnames for Janet have a common origin and are connected through similar pronunciation and spelling. Janet is a popular name that has been used by many people throughout centuries and its variants are still used today.

Famous people with the name Janet

  • Janet Jackson: American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actress.
  • Janet Varney: American actress, writer, comedian, producer and singer.
  • Janet Jones: American actress and former figure skater.
  • Janet Klein: American musician, ukulelist, singer, banjoist and comedic ‘old timey’ songwriter.
  • Janet Street-Porter: British journalist, Broadcaster, writer, and media personality.
  • Janet Suzman: South African Broadway and television actress, director and political activist.
  • Janet Bailey: British Labour Party politician, Member of Parliament for the Westhoughton Constituency.
  • Janet Thomson: British Conservative Party politician, Member of Parliament for Mid-Connacht South Constituency.
  • Janet Holt OBE: British Chief executive of the charity Citizens Advice.
  • Janet Dibben: British Labour Party politician and former Member of Parliament for Springfield Constituency.

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