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Surname Jefers - Meaning and Origin

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Jefers: What does the surname Jefers mean?

The last name Jefers is of English origin and is thought to be a variant spelling of the name Jeffers, as both surnames share the same popularity in certain regions of England. The name Jeffers is thought to stem from the personal name Geoffrey, deriving from a Germanic source that translates to “Peace of the gods” or “Firm Pledge”.

It has been suggested that the surnames Jefers and Jeffers are also linked to the Hebrew name “Yehufa”, meaning “curled up” or “covered with leaves”. The surname Jefers could then be associated with abundance and bounty, suggesting the bearer was a prosperous farmer or an important figure in their community.

Early recordings of the surname Jefers date back to the 17th century in England. One of the earliest recordings in England are of the marriage between James Jefers and Mary Allam in 1748 in London. Contemporary records of notable people with the surname Jefers include the international footballer Teddy Jefers, the American actor Toby Jefers and the British playwright William Edward Jefers.

For those carrying this ancient surname, Jefers could bring a distant connection to a past that remains shrouded in mystery.

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Jefers: Where does the name Jefers come from?

The last name Jefers is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of people bearing the last name Jefers is just over 1,400, as of 2019. Approximately 56% of these individuals live in the southern states, with Tennessee (6.6%), Alabama (6.9%), Georgia (7.8%), and North Carolina (13.9%) having the highest concentration of Jefers. Approximately 21% of individuals bearing this last name live in the mid-west, primarily in Missouri (4.3%) and Illinois (8.6%).

The largest concentration of individuals with the last name Jefers can be found in Mississippi (19.3%). Jefers is an uncommon name, with the majority of people by this name being of African-American descent. Other individuals with this name live primarily in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and West Virginia.

Jefers is a dynamic name, in existence since the mid 1800s. Origin stories for the last name Jefers are varied, including African-American slaves adopting it after being sold to new plantation owners, or the Africanized American adopted last name, derived from a combination of the names Jeter, Jefferson, and Everett.

There are a few famous people who bear the last name Jefers, including American painter and sculptor Reva F. Jefers, and Wesley Jefers, an American entertainer and autism advocate.

Variations of the surname Jefers

The surname Jefers is an anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic Mac Sheafrais, from the old Middle Irish Mac Giascbra, meaning 'son of the one who talks'. Variants and spellings of Jefers include Jeffers, Jeffries, Geffers, Jeffers, Jeffreys, Jefferson, Jefferstone, and Jefferis.

In Scotland, Jefers is derived from the noble family MacSeecap, in ancient Irish, seacap meaning 'hawk of the battle' and may also be spelled as MacSeacap, MacSecap, MacSeap, MacSeep and MacSeip.

In England, Jefers is derived from the Old English name Gefer, which is believed to come from the elements geofu meaning 'gift' and rad 'counsel'. Variations of Jefers include Jefferies, Jeffress, Jefferys, Geoffers, Giffers and Geoffrey.

Jefers is also derived from the German name Gieffer, which comes from the Old High German Giufara, meaning 'man with a bow'. Variations of Jefers include Giefer, Gaffer, Giffer, Geoffer, Jeffer, Jeffers, Giefers and Jeffries.

In Wales, some spellings of Jefers are derived from the Welsh name Ieuan, which is a variant of the Hebrew name John. Variants of Jefers include Jeavin, Iefan, Ioevan, Jeavons, Ievan and Ieouan.

In Ireland, Jefers is derived from the Old Irish Forename Seefra, which means 'thoughtful or diligent person'. Variations of the Irish surname Jefers include Seefrey, Seefry, Seefreye, Seefries, Seefe, Seefar, Seefroe, and Seefrais.

Famous people with the name Jefers

  • Jason Jefers: American disc jockey, production coordinator, and percussionist
  • Jason Jefers: Professional skateboarder for Birdhouse Skateboards
  • Pat Jefers: American actor
  • Kent Jefers: Longtime manager of the DuPont Company
  • Noah Jefers: Professional soccer player for the Colorado Rapids
  • Pete Jefers: Musician, producer, and member of the alternative band O.A.R.
  • Heather Jefers: British actress best known for her role in the BBC soap opera Doctors
  • Evander Jefers: Professional surfer and member of the International Surfing Association
  • Cody Jefers: Professional wrestler for WWE
  • Kendra Jefers: Professional golfer on the LPGA Tour

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