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Surname Jellen - Meaning and Origin

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Jellen: What does the surname Jellen mean?

The last name Jellen is likely a patronymic name of German origin, derived from the personal name 'Jelle'. This personal name was derived from the Hebrew word 'Yehoel,' which is interpreted to mean 'God will add' or 'God is my hope'. According to some sources, the surname was first used by the medieval Jewish community during the late Middle Ages, and then later adopted by German speakers. The name can also be found in other variations such as Jellenbeck, Jellin, Jellinghaus, and Jellinghausen.

The Jellen surname is thought to have been spread to many countries throughout Europe as well as to the United States and Canada through immigration from Germany. Today, it is most prevalent among speakers of German and Dutch, as well as to those of British descent. Some known bearers of this name include Dutch footballer Koen Jellen, Canadian-born engineer Edwin Jellen, and American football player Darrell Jellen.

The surname Jellen is an excellent example of a classic German patronymic surname, and it provides an important piece of historical data that can help individuals trace their family history. The varied spellings of the surname, meanwhile, provide a clear indication of its regional popularity.

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Jellen: Where does the name Jellen come from?

The last name Jellen is most common today in Germany, where it ranks among the top 500 surnames in the country. Although the exact origin of the name is uncertain, Jellen likely derives from the German word ‘jellen’, which means ‘hawk’ or ‘falcon’. The name is also believed to be derived from an Old Germanic personal name coming the Gaulish root ‘gel’, meaning ‘bright’. Evidence suggests that the Jellens first settled in the Schleswig-Holstein region of northern Germany during the Middle Ages.

The surname has spread to the US and Canada in modern times, particularly in the wake of German immigration during the second half of the 19th century and in the years following World War II. Today, it can be found across America, from California to New York.

Immigrants who bore the name Jellen have left their mark down through the years. Notable Jellens include the renowned Danish veterinarian Ole Jellen, the 17th century Swedish sailor Oluf Jellen, and the 19th century Norwegian forester Paul Ditlev Jellen.

Overall, the last name Jellen is most strongly associated with Germany, though descendants of the name can now be found scattered across the globe.

Variations of the surname Jellen

The surname Jellen has a number of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include Jellin, Jelline, Jellen, Jellene, Gelen, Gillen, Gellen, Gellin, Gelline, Gillin, Gilline, and Gilen.

Jellen is an occupational surname meaning "one who gels, or prepares fat." It is a variation of the German name Gellen, which is derived from the Middle High German "gelen" which means "to knead or work dough." It is also thought to be derived from the Dutch, Low German, and/or Frisian name Gellen which originated from the Old German word "gella" meaning "to plan or shape".

Jellen is also a patronymic surname, derived from the given name "Jell". This given name is thought to be a variation of the name "Giel," an old Frisian personal name which was ultimately derived from the Dutch name "Giel," which is derived from the Old German name "Gigilo," meaning "hostage."

Additionally, it is thought that Jellen could also be a variation of the name "Gellin," which is an old Middle English name. This is derived from the Anglo-Saxon personal name "Gella," which is thought to mean "diviner, or someone who foretells the future."

All of these variants and spellings of the surname Jellen are ultimately linked to the same origin, having been derived from the Old German name Gigilo, meaning "hostage."

Famous people with the name Jellen

  • Phoebe Jellen: American YouTube makeup artist.
  • Tommy Jellen: American soccer player.
  • Susan Jellen: American former synchronized swimmer.
  • Gunther Jellen: German film director.
  • Kurt Jellen: Swiss professional snowboarder.
  • Christie Jellen: American news anchor, actress, journalist, and TV host.
  • Teri Jellen: American radio country music DJ.
  • Don Jellen: American former Major League Baseball catcher.
  • Bill Jellen: American professional basketball player.
  • Fredrick Jellen: American ice hockey player, Right Winger.
  • Judith Jellen:- American simultaneous interpretation consultant.
  • Lex Jellen: Dutch volleyball coach.
  • Dean Jellen: American country music singer.
  • Frank Jellen:- American chess master.
  • Florence Jellen: Canadian painter and mixed media artist.
  • Stephen Jellen: Australian sculptor.
  • Katrina Jellen: American singer and songwriter.

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