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Tracing Anomalies through DNA: An Unexpected Voyage into my Ancestral Past with iGENEA

Family name Jerome

I always thought of my lineage as straightforward, until I embarked on a journey with iGENEA's DNA test. This investigation exposed my misinterpreted family history stemming from my ancestor Jerome, altering fundamentally my perception of myself.

After taking DNA testing at iGENEA, I was fascinated with the insights and unexpected results I discovered about my lineage, specifically, my ancestor named Jerome. This DNA journey not only opened up a plethora of surprises but also fundamentally changed my self-understanding. I learned that Jerome was not from where I think he was–in fact, way geographically and culturally far. The journey also helped to develop fundamental connections with my multiethnic history that I was formerly unaware of.

Initially, I assumed based on family lore that Jerome was from French descent. However, DNA results revealed an unexpected diversity in my genetic makeup suggesting that my roots lied in the East, specifically, Middle East. It showed a strong percentage of Middle-Eastern heritage which was in contrast to oral family histories. This revelation shook the base of my belief system about my family's past, giving me a sense of belonging beyond national borders.

Investigating further, I found out that Jerome was a part of the ancient population of Phoenicians who lived in present-day Lebanon. This suggested that Jerome was involved in one of the world's sophisticated and seafaring civilization, debunking the image of him as a static character with French origin. This led to a reevaluation about my identity, invigorating a sense of being a part of a dynamic and vibrant global history.

The insight also influenced me beyond the historical context, towards understanding my intrinsic traits. I learned about my inherent resilience, a characteristic feature of the Phoenicians. Their culture and genes survived despite historical invasions, much like my determination that has sustained in challenging situations.

The DNA report contorted my previous understanding of my lineage. Jerome became more than an ancestor with a French history, he symbolized a culture that shaped our current world. Not only in terms of shared genetic traits but also the societal impact it had – inspiring exploration and innovation. My self-understanding grew; I learned my instincts for exploration, resilience and adaptability are my inheritance from Jerome and his people. Through iGENEA’s DNA testing, I discovered a piece of myself I didn't know existed, a piece that now permeates my identity at a profound level.

E. Jerome

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