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Surname Joab - Meaning and Origin

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Joab: What does the surname Joab mean?

The last name Joab is of Hebrew origin and is derived from the biblical name “Yoab”, which stems from the Hebrew word “yoa” meaning “God is Father.” The name Joab is an ancient biblical name of a biblical character who is best known for his part in the rebellion of Absalom against King David. Joab is generally known for his loyalty to King David and is praised for wedding himself to a daughter of Uriah. This loyalty of Joab is celebrated in many older translations of the Hebrew Bible, mentioning that he was “faithful among the faithless”.

The name Joab carries a traditional meaning of loyalty and dependability. It is believed to be a representation of this character’s unchanging commitment to serve and be loyal to King David, demonstrating courage and steadfastness in the face of danger. In many Jewish cultures, the name Joab reflects the traits of a reliable and trustworthy individual; it is often associated with an honorable position in a group or society.

Today, the name Joab is a popular choice for both men and women across the globe. Joab is also an uncommon surname in many countries, with it being one of the rarest surnames in an annual survey conducted in the US. Despite its rarity, Joab is still a popular choice among parents who seek to pass down loyalty and commitment to their child.

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Joab: Where does the name Joab come from?

The last name Joab is a Hebrew name, meaning “Yahweh is father”, and is thought to have originated with the Biblical figure of Joab. Today, the name is still in use in many areas of the world, particularly in cultures with significant Jewish or Bible-influenced populations.

In Europe, the surname Joab is found in many countries including the UK, Germany, Portugal and Italy. In North and South America, the name has spread from its Jewish and Christian roots and is associated with communities in Argentina, the United States,Canada, Brazil, and Colombia.

In the Middle East and North Africa, the surname Joab is found among Christian, Jewish, and Muslim families. It is especially popular in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Israel. In the West African countries of Ghana, Gambia, and Senegal, the Christian communities have adopted the name, likely from former colonists and immigrants arriving from Europe and America.

In Asia, the name Joab also appears to have a large presence, most notably in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. In these regions, many families with the name trace their heritage back to Jewish settlers who moved to these locations during the early ages of Judaism.

Overall, the name Joab is still quite popular today, and due to its roots in Abrahamic religions, its presence worldwide is enduring.

Variations of the surname Joab

The Joab surname is of Hebrew origin, derived from the Hebrew biblical name Joab, meaning “God is father.” It is sometimes seen as an abbreviated form of YHVH-el, which means “Lord God.” Common variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Joab include:

Joob: A phonetic variant of Joab, this spelling is seen mostly in Germany.

Joab-Cahane: An Ashkenazic Jewish variant, this surname is formed as “Joab son of Cohana.”

Joab-Cohen: Another Ashkenazic Jewish variant, this surname is a variant of the name Joab the son of Cohen.

Jóab: A Portuguese variant of the Joab surname.

Joáb: Another Portuguese variant of the surname. This spelling is seen mostly in Brazil.

Joaba: A Spanish variant of the surname Joab.

Jouahim: An Arabic variant.

Jović: A Serbian variant of the Joab surname.

Gobbi: An Italian variant of the Joab surname

Joan: A Catalan variant of the Joab surname.

Jayoba: A Bengali variant of the Joab surname.

Gjabo: A Croatian variant of the Joab surname.

Yobah: An English variant of the Joab surname.

Jopp: A Dutch variant of the Joab surname.

Ioab: A Biblical form of the Joab surname.

These are just a few of the many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Joab. It is important to note that the Joab surname was used by many different cultures throughout the centuries, so it is likely that there are many more variants and spellings of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Joab

  • Adonijah Joab: an American businesswoman and entrepreneur known for her work in the ecommerce industry and her affiliation with Women of Silicon Valley.
  • David Joab: a 19th century Israeli sculptor, printmaker, and medallist. He is particularly known for his bronze sculptures of biblical figures.
  • Jessica Joab: a former bronze medalist in archery at the Unity Games and a member of the USA Archery Hall of Fame.
  • Ken Joab: a popular American fitness instructor and personal trainer.
  • Kirk Joab: a professional international basketball player who currently plays in the Spanish Basketball League.
  • Rachelle Joab: a renowned speaker, mentor, and mental health advocate renowned for her work in the field of mental healthcare administration.
  • Thomas Joab: a former Major League Baseball player who played for the Colorado Rockies from 1998 to 1999.
  • William Joab: a 19th century British stage actor and proprietor of London’s Covent Garden Theatre. He is particularly remembered for his performance of Iago in Othello.
  • Yona Joab: a contemporary Israeli scholar and poet, who has published several books and anthologies of poetry.
  • Zera Joab: an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and co-founder of the Joab Foundation, which awards grants to business entrepreneurs in the non-profit and education sectors.

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