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Surname Johnsson - Meaning and Origin

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Johnsson: What does the surname Johnsson mean?

The last name Johnsson is Scandinavian in origin and translates to “son of John”. It is a patronymic name derived from the first name John, which in turn derives from Hebrew and means “Yahweh is gracious”. This surname was likely first used as a patriarchal name among Scandinavians during the Middle Ages, and it is believed to have originated in Sweden.

Today, this surname is quite common throughout Scandinavia and is used by families in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. It is a well-known variant on the common surname Johnson. Besides Scandinavia, this surname is also relatively common in the United States, Canada, Germany, France and the Netherlands, among other countries.

This surname is being used by people who share a common ancestor with the first John or Johann and have adopted the same patronymic name. It would be a great idea to carry out genealogical research to trace your family's roots back to your original namesake.

In summary, Johnsson is a Scandinavian patronymic surname meaning “son of John”. It is used by families all over the world today, with particularly strong concentrations in Scandinavia and the United States. To find out more about your family history it might be worth doing some research into your ancestry.

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Johnsson: Where does the name Johnsson come from?

Johnsson is a surname most commonly found in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. In these countries, it is believed to derive from Swedish and Norwegian words meaning "son of John". It is also found throughout the rest of Europe, North America, and Australia.

In Sweden, Johnsson is one of the country's most popular surnames. According to the Swedish census of 2020, about 11, 000 people are surnamed Johnsson. This puts it in the top 30 last names in Sweden, with a slightly higher concentration in the central and southern parts of the country.

In Finland, Johnsson is also found, although it ranks slightly lower in prevalence than in Sweden. According to figures from 2020, about 6, 500 people have the last name Johnsson. However, the name is most common in the southern parts of the country.

In Norway, the name is slightly less common than in Finland, with around 4,500 people bearing the name Johnsson. As with the other Nordic countries, it is most prevalent in the southern regions. However, it is also quite common in the capital, Oslo.

Finally, the name is well represented elsewhere in the world, especially in North America and Australia. In the United States, Johnsson is ranked at number 2,674 on the list of most common surnames, while in Australia it is at number 1,248.

Variations of the surname Johnsson

The surname Johnsson is derived from the Scandinavian given name Johannes, which is the Latin form of the Greek name Ioannes. It is a patronymic surname meaning “son of John” or “Descendant of John”.

Variant spellings of the surname Johnsson include Johanson, Johansson, Jonsson, Jonasson, Jansson, Jenssen, Jensson, Janssen, Jansson, Jaoanson, and Jansson.

patronymic variants include Johansdatter and Johansdotter, Johnsdatter and Johnsdotter as well as Johansen, Johanssen, Johansenson, and Johnsen.

It is also possible that other surnames may derive from Johnsson, since some variant spellings may merge or become interchanged from one generation to the next. For example, the surname Jonson is often found in place of Johnsson, as are spellings such as Johnson, Johnston, and Jonston. Other spelling variations may include Johannson, Johinsson, Johsenn, Johusen, Jhonson, and Jukson.

The surnames Jahnson, Jans, Jannyssen, Jeansson, Jennings, and Jonsen may also derive from Johnsson. These surnames may also appear as Jansson, Janssen, or Jansson.

In addition to these spellings, there are several surnames that sound similar to Johnsson but do not originate with the same name, such as Jenson, Jensonon, Jansh, Januson, Jansonen, Janson, and Janzen.

Famous people with the name Johnsson

  • Alexander Johnsson, Swedish professional ice hockey winger.
  • Trond Johnsson, Norwegian jazz trumpeter.
  • Johan Johnsson, Swedish professional football player.
  • Adam Johnsson, Swedish professional ice hockey defenceman.
  • Agnar Johnsson, Icelandic professional basketball player.
  • Eva Johnsson, Swedish professional tennis player.
  • Jens Johnsson, Norwegian professional cyclist.
  • Devin Johnsson, Swedish professional ski jumper.
  • Jonathan Johnsson, Swedish-American singer-songwriter.
  • Sylvie Johnsson, Swedish professional actress.

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