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Surname Jonas - Meaning and Origin

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An Inner Journey: Discovering Personal Identity and Heritage Through the iGENEA DNA Test and the Surname Jonas

Receiving the results from my iGENEA DNA test led to an entirely new understanding of my personal identity and cultural heritage. The process invoked a deeper appreciation for my family name, Jonas, and instigated a personal journey of self-reflection and exploration.

D. Jonas

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Jonas: What does the surname Jonas mean?

The last name Jonas is of Greek origin, derived from the name Jonah (or Yonah) in Hebrew. Jonas means "dove," symbolizing peace, gentleness, and purity in various cultures and religions. It's worth noting that Jonah was a prophet in the Old Testament who was swallowed by a fish or whale, according to biblical accounts. Consequently, the name might also be associated with themes of prophecy, resurrection, or redemption. Despite its strong affiliations with Christianity, particularly in the Western world, the surname Jonas is also prevalent among Jewish people. It's also widely found in Europe, especially in Germany and the surrounding regions.

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Jonas: Where does the name Jonas come from?

The surname Jonas is of biblical origin, derived from the Hebrew personal name Jonah, meaning "dove". This name was popular among early Christians as it symbolized peace and was mentioned in the New Testament as the name of the father of Peter.

The surname Jonas spread across Europe and became popular in Christian communities. Variants of Jonas such as Jones, Johnes, Johnas, Jonahs, and Joanes are common in England and Wales. In Germany, Jonas evolved into Jonasse or Jonasch.

Today, the surname Jonas is common in Germany, France, England, Hungary, and the United States. It is also found in Scandinavian countries as both a first name and a surname. In Lithuania, Jonas is a very popular first name. Because of its biblical origin and the dispersal of people due to wars, prosecution, and search for better living conditions, the surname Jonas can be found all over the world, but these above mentioned countries have higher concentrations of people with this surname.

Variations of the surname Jonas

The surname Jonas is of Hebrew origin, derived from the given name "Jonah" meaning "dove". Variants and alternate spellings include Jonah, Jonasson, Johnas, Jona, Jonats, Jonis, Jonnas, Joonas, and Yonas. Some of these variants reflect different geographical regions and linguistic traditions.

The surname Jonasson, for instance, is Nordic, meaning "son of Jonas". The variant Yonas may come from countries where Semitic languages (such as Amharic, Arabic, and Hebrew) are spoken. It is also noted that the surname Jonas can be an Anglicized form of the Welsh surname Jones or even Johannes in countries like The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

Furthermore, the female version of this name, Jonasa or Jonasson, can be seen in various times and places.

One must remember that the transition from a patronymic system (where the father’s first name becomes the child’s last name) to a hereditary surname system can introduce many variations. Also, different spellings can also arise due to transcription errors or phonetic spellings during migration. Hence, it might be common to see different forms of Jonas across different geographical locations.

Famous people with the name Jonas

  • Joe Jonas: Joe Jonas is a former member of the world-famous boyband Jonas Brothers alongside his brothers Nick and Kevin. He is currently a solo artist, performing hits such as "Just in Love" and "See No More."
  • Nick Jonas: Nick Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. He has released four solo albums, including 2020's Spaceman, and is one third of the band The Jonas Brothers.
  • Kevin Jonas: Kevin Jonas is an American musician, actor, and reality television star. He is best known as the oldest of the three brothers in the band Jonas Brothers.
  • Frankie Jonas: Frankie Jonas is the youngest of the Jonas Brothers. He is an actor and musician, appearing in films such as Camp Rock and Jonas.
  • Danielle Jonas: Danielle Jonas is an American reality television star and wife of Kevin Jonas. She is featured in the E! show Married to Jonas.
  • Paul Kevin Jonas II: Paul Kevin Jonas II is the father of the Jonas Brothers. He is a minister and the pastor of the Assembly of God Church, in Wyckoff, New Jersey.
  • Denise Jonas: Denise Jonas is the mother of the Jonas Brothers and the matriarch of the family. She is a former sign language teacher and appears in the reality show Married to Jonas.

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