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Surname Joneczko - Meaning and Origin

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Joneczko: What does the surname Joneczko mean?

The last name Joneczko is an uncommon surname of Polish origin. It is derived from the given name Jon, which itself originated from two Hebrew names—Johanan and Jehohanan—that mean “Yahweh has been gracious” and "Yahweh has favoured".

The surname is most often found in southeastern Poland, specifically in the administrative region of Subcarpathian Voivodeship. In America, the small community of Joneczkos is concentrated in Illinois, with some families in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.

The Joneczkos are an old family, tracing back to the small Polish settlement of Kolo Sulejowo, located near the city of Sulejow. Records of the family date back to at least the year 1670. The Joneczko name is even present in letters from the 1670’s and transcripts of parish documents. This ancestry of the Joneczko family has been partially documented in the records of the small villages in which these immigrants settled and worshipped.

The Joneczko surname is most likely derived from a trade, craft, or occupation that the ancestors of the family had. Some sources suggest the name originates from the Old Slavonic word “jon” which means blacksmith and smith. It is possible that the earliest members of the family were skilled smiths who forged metal and worked with stone.

Overall, the Joneczko surname is an uncommon one and its origin is still somewhat of a mystery. Though there is no concrete evidence connecting the surname to any one trade or craft, the name’s ties to the villages in Poland suggest that the family was likely well established before coming to America.

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Joneczko: Where does the name Joneczko come from?

The last name Joneczko is most common within areas of Central and Eastern Europe such as Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus. It is typically a patronymic surname which means it is derived from the father’s given name. The older form of the surname was Joneczka, which may indicate a Polish or Ukrainian origin.

In Poland, the surname is still prevalent today and the areas where it is most commonly found are in the provinces of Warmian-Masurian, Silesian, Podlaskie, and Opole. It is estimated that roughly 2,000 people in Poland currently use the last name Joneczko, which makes it the 5,707th most commonly used surname in the country.

The name Joneczko is also quite popular in Ukraine, where it is derived from the given name Ivan. It is most frequently found in the city of Chernivtsi, a district in Western Ukraine that borders Romania. In Ukraine, it is estimated that approximately 6,500 people have the last name Joneczko.

In its older form, the surname Joneczka is also very common in Belarus where nearly 12,000 people have claimed the name as their own. It is most prominently found in the cities of Grodno and Minsk, as well as in the Oblast of Vitebsk, which is a province in the north of the country.

Overall, the last name Joneczko is most popular in Central and Eastern Europe where it is concentrated in Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus. In these countries, it is believed that approximately 20,500 people currently share the surname Joneczko.

Variations of the surname Joneczko

The surname Joneczko is an extremely rare last name with even rarer variations. This type of surname can be traced back to a region of Poland that had a significant Jewish population, and that was known as Słupsk. Notably, this variation of the name was used by the so-called Ashkenazi Jews of Polish descent, who used the Yiddish spelling of the name (יאָנעקזקע).

There are several alternate spellings and variants for Joneczko, all derived from the original Yiddish spelling. Some of these variants include Joneczka, Joneczka, Yonetzko, Joneczek, Yoneczko, Yonetzky, Joneczky, Yonetsky, Jonecki, Yoneczka, Yonetzka, Jonecki, Yonetsky, and Yonetska.

Interestingly, many of the surnames of the same origin as Joneczko had a deep historical roots. For example, the name Joneczka is derived from the name of a branch of the Yiddish people that was present in Słupsk, the Joneczki. Similarly, the name Yonetzky comes from the the Jewish family whose name was Yonetzky, and who had roots in the same region.

Finally, the surnames Ejneczka and Jonecka both originate from the same Askenazi Jewish family. The exact origin of the names remains unclear, but it is thought to have derived from the Jewish family's use of the Yiddish term ײאָנעעקע, which translates to 'black'.

Famous people with the name Joneczko

  • Jake Joneczko: American professional Ice hockey player
  • Lou Joneczko: American football player
  • Steve Joneczko: Professional basketball player
  • Tom Joneczko: American professional golfer
  • Mark Joneczko: Professional actor
  • Chase Joneczko: Professional water-skier
  • Liz Joneczko: Figure skater
  • Peter Joneczko: Professional tennis player
  • Stephanie Joneczko: Professional race car driver
  • Nick Joneczko: Professional auto-racing driver
  • Ricky Joneczko: Professional stock car racing driver
  • Dan Joneczko: Professional ski racer
  • Luke Joneczko: Professional soccer player
  • George Joneczko: Professional motorcycle racing driver
  • Kevin Joneczko: Professional snowboarder
  • Kaila Joneczko: Professional sailor
  • Larry Joneczko: Professional baseball pitcher
  • David Joneczko: Professional mountain climber
  • Greg Joneczko: Professional skateboarder
  • Mike Joneczko: Professional airshow pilot

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