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Surname Kaack - Meaning and Origin

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Kaack: What does the surname Kaack mean?

The last name Kaack is of German origin, and is believed to come from the Middle High German word “kakke,” meaning ‘cake.’ It is believed to have been the name of an apprenticeship in baking, and this likely explains the frequent association of the Kaack surname with the baking trade in Germany.

The earliest written record of the name Kaack can be traced back to 1291, when one Conrad Kaken was listed as a burgher of Grevenbroich. While records become scarce after this first mention, the last name grows more prominent amongst northern Germany in the late-17th century, suggesting that the family’s roots likely branch out to the northern parts of the country.

It is possible that a branch of the Kaack family arrived in America in the early-18th century, possibly as part of the waves of immigrants from Germany who followed the Revolutionary War. It was during this time that the last name Kaack slowly spread across the country. Today, the last name Kaack can be found in families of all races and backgrounds living throughout the country, reflecting the mixing of cultures over the centuries.

Despite the ancient history of the last name Kaack, the original baking tradition that accompanied it has largely been erased from memory, leaving behind only the name as a reminder of the family’s roots.

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Kaack: Where does the name Kaack come from?

The last name Kaack is most commonly found in several German-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Various branches of the Kaack surname have sprung up in these countries over time, providing many opportunities for families with the name to connect.

The population of those bearing the Kaack surname is largely concentrated in southwestern Germany, which includes the cities of Saarbrücken, Konstanz, and Freiburg. There is also a significant number of people with the name Kaack located in Austria, particularly in Olomouc and Veranian. Additionally, there are numerous Kaack families in Zurich, Switzerland as well as a few in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

The origin of the name Kaack is Germanic in nature and is derived from several elements, including Kat meaning "person," Ack meaning "oak," and Kaack meaning "cliff." Of course, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact origin of the name Kaack since it has evolved over time, but it has been suggested that the Kaack family is likely of northern German descent.

Overall, the last name Kaack is most commonly associated with the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where many Kaack families have originated and grown over time.

Variations of the surname Kaack

The surname Kaack is a Germanic surname derived from the Middle High German word "kacken" which means 'to defecate'. This surname has various spellings, variants, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common spelling of the surname is either Kaack or Kack, and some other variations include Kaeck, Kaak, Kacken, Kaecks, Kaecksen, Kaecken, Kaacks, Kaaks, Kaaksen, Kaecks, Kakes, Kahk, Kaak, and Kaeksen. Although not as common, some spellings of the surname Kaack can also include Kaackh, Kackh, Kakh, Cack, Kaakk, Kackh, and Kakk.

The surname of Kaack has many variant surnames, of which include Kaacke, Kaak, Kaek, Kacke, Kaecke, Kaeck, Kaekel, Kaekke, Kahah, Kak, Kaake, Kake, Kalck, Kalke, Kalcken, and Kallke. Though none are as common as Kaack itself, these variant surnames have been widely adopted in parts of Germany as well.

In addition to the many spellings and variants, the surname Kaack has been adopted by other, similar surnames, such as Caack, Coack, Ckack, Kaaas, Kaaz, Kaess, Kaise, Kase, Kak, Kck, Kicke, Kuss, Qack, and Qackh.

Overall, the surname Kaack is represented by many spellings, variants, and other surnames of the same origin. All of these spellings and variants stem from the Middle High German word 'kacken', which has the quite literal meaning of 'to defecate'.

Famous people with the name Kaack

  • Sophia Kaack: Sophia is a German actress and singer who is best known for her performances in films like Die Nibelungen, Sturm im Wasserglass, and Last Summer in Utopia.
  • Livia Kaack: Livia is a German-American filmmaker, writer, and producer best known for her films Wishing Out Loud (2016) and Inside the Pink Room (2018).
  • Noah Kaack: Noah is a German former actor who appeared in the 2002 film Eden. He is now better known as an entrepreneur and investor.
  • Hugo Kaack: Hugo is a German film director and painter. He is best known for his paintings which often revolve around human figures in a post-modern, surrealistic world.
  • Jens Kaack: Jens is a German musician and songwriter, best known for his compositions for high profile German films such as Home for the Weekend and Hafen der Hoffnung.
  • Tess Kaack: Tess is an American actress, best known for the 2018 comedy About a Boy. She is also a producer and has worked on several short films.
  • Max Kaack: Max is a Dutch film director and animator who has created films for major European productions such as The Matrix Reloaded and Street Fighter, and animated shorts for Nickelodeon.
  • Katharina Kaack: Katharina is a German actress and model, best known for films like SophiaSilver’s Last Thought and Life According to Plan.
  • Heike Kaack: Heike is a German producer, best known for producing the television series Unter Uns and the feature film Vertrauter Feind.

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