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Surname Käbel - Meaning and Origin

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Käbel: What does the surname Käbel mean?

The last name Käbel is of German origin, derived from the Middle High German word "kavele" which meant "sea inlet". As such, the surname is an occupational name for someone who worked in coastal communities such as fishermen. In some instances, the name may have been derived from a location near a cove or sea inlet.

The oldest recorded form of the name dates back to 1347 in the Middle High German region, when Rudolff Kabel was noted as living in Flanders. Variants of the surname include Kavele, Kavle, Kabel, Cabell, Cabels and Kavel.

Today, many people bearing the Käbel surname can be found in Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States.

The family crest for those bearing the Käbel surname is typically a five-pointed star with two crossed swords, and two dragons holding a sword and shield. This reflects the industrious and protective nature of the people who bear the name.

The Käbel surname reflects the proud history of those who worked in coastal communities and upheld a strong sense of community and family.

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Käbel: Where does the name Käbel come from?

Käbel is a German surname with origins in the Middle Ages. It is believed to derive from the term “Kabel”, meaning “ceiling” or “roof” in Middle High German. Today, the surname is still common throughout Germany, especially in the northern part of the country. It is also found in many other German-speaking regions, such as Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Käbel is especially common among the descendants of settlers from Germany in parts of North and South America, including the United States, Canada and Argentina. According to, Käbel is the 255th most frequent surname in the United States. A search of the White Pages with the name Käbel showed that the surname is particularly prevalent in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, New York City and Washington, D.C. Additionally, people with this last name can be found across multiple countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Russia. Given its far-reaching reach, it is no surprise that the last name Käbel continues to be passed down for generations of families to come.

Variations of the surname Käbel

The surname Käbel is of German/ Slavic origin. The German and Slavic spelling variations of the surname include Kabel, Kabelka, Kaebel, Kaebelka, Kebel, Kebelka, and Kabell.

As with many European surnames, various spellings have emerged over time. Käbel can be found spelled Kabel in Germany, while in Poland you might find the variation Kabl. In addition, you may encounter the surname spelled Caball, Kebel or Cabel.

Käbel is derived from the German or Slavic word "Kabel," meaning "cable." It was likely first used as a nickname for a tall and thin person, from the suggestion of a "cable," or a slender rope. The variants of Käbel might also have derived from the word "Kabeljau," which means "cod fishing."

When the name was brought to the English-speaking world, it became Kabell or Kabell (also Cabell or Cabell). This is a common Anglicization of the name.

In addition to the variations of spelling, there are numerous surnames of similar origin to Käbel. These include Kaebler, Kaubel, Kaubeler, Kaupp, Kappel, Kappeller, Kebel, Kebeler, Kebell, Keberer, Kepel, Kepeler, Koppel, Koppeller, and Kopell. These all come from the same root and have the same meaning as Käbel.

Famous people with the name Käbel

  • Harald Käbel: German football coach and former goalkeeper.
  • Klaus Käbel: German actor.
  • Susanne Käbel: German Olympic equestrian.
  • Jens Käbel: German Paralympic athlete.
  • Alexander Käbel: German actor.
  • Milana Käbel: Russian synchronized swimmer.
  • Erik Käbel: Austrian Alpine ski racer.
  • Robert Käbel: German bobsledder.
  • Rebecca Käbel: German Olympic rhythmic gymnast.
  • Fritz Käbel: German sprint canoeist.
  • Rainer Friedrich Käbel: German politician.
  • Jens Käbel: German lawyer, professor and political advisor.
  • Jan-Ole Käbel: German professional footballer.
  • Harold Käbel: German-American businessman and founding member of the National Wholesale Druggists Association.
  • Theodor Käbel: German ballet dancer.
  • Peter Käbel: German actor.
  • Helmut Käbel: German-born American sculptor and experimental filmmaker.
  • Paul Käbel: East German footballer.
  • Wolfgang Käbel: German physicist and mathematician.
  • Werner Käbel: Swiss Greco-Roman wrestler.

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