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Surname Kahlers - Meaning and Origin

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Kahlers: What does the surname Kahlers mean?

The last name Kahlers is a German and Scandinavian surname. It is derived from the Middle High German word "kuhler," meaning "cooler," and the German root word "Kohl," meaning "coal." The name is likely derived from the occupation of its original bearer — a charcoal-burner.

Kahlers are likely of either German or Scandinavian ancestry. Before the introduction of surnames in those cultures, the name could have described a family's occupation or geographical origin. For instance, a person named Helmut Kahler was likely from the town of Kahler in Germany, or a family of producers of cooled or cooled coal.

The Kahler surname is not very common even in its original homelands. This is likely because of the time-sensitive nature of the name's roots — the need for charcoal-burners has passed with the introduction of modern fuels and energy sources. Today, the Kahler surname is even more rare, with the majority of those possessing the name found in the United States. However, the clues to its original purpose remain in the name's very definition.

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Kahlers: Where does the name Kahlers come from?

The last name Kahlers is most common in Germany, particularly the states of Bavaria and Brandenburg. It is also present in Austria, especially in the provinces of Upper and Lower Austria. The name is also found in the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world, but it is less common than in Germany.

According to the US Census of 2000, Kahlers is the 90,458th most common surname, with about 151 people having the name. It is more common in some states than others, such as Pennsylvania with 58 people, followed by New York with 25 people, Ohio with 23 people, Illinois with 21 people, and finally California with 20.

In Canada, the surname Kahlers is slightly more common than in the US. There were at least 290 people with this surname, according to the 2011 Canadian Census. The most common provinces where the name is found are Ontario (124 people), Quebec (89 people), and Alberta (49 people).

The name Kahlers is also found in other countries, such as Italy, Hungary, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and South Africa, although it is not as common as in Germany or Canada.

Overall, the surname Kahlers is most common in Germany and in the German descended countries of the United States and Canada. It is also found in some other countries, but in much lower numbers.

Variations of the surname Kahlers

Kahlers is a German surname. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include Kaeler, Kahler, Kaehlers, Kaehler, Kaehlermann, Kaehlersmann, Kaehlmann, Kahlert, Kaellers, Kaerhlert, Kaeser, Kahles, Kahless, Kahlfer, Kahlmann, Kahlmeyer, Kahlmeyer, Kahlmeyerin, Kallmeyer, Kallmeyerin, Kalmayer, Kalmeyer, Kalmeyerin, Kahlbrand, Kahnle, and Kahles.

Kahler is derived from a Middle High German word “kahler” (kahl) which means bald or bare. It may have been used as a nickname for a bald person or someone who lived in an area with little vegetation. Kaeler is the Low German or Dutch version of the name, while Kahles is the plural form. Kaeler and Kaeser are derived from the same root, while Kahle and Kaeser could also have been derived from terms such as “kaeler” or “kaeser” meaning kegs or tubs.

Kahlert, Kahlbrand, Kahnle and Kallmeyer are all variations of the German word “kahle” which means empty or bare. Kahlfer is a regional variant of a name from Austria and Switzerland derived from the Middle High German “kahlen” meaning bald. As surnames developed in the Middle Ages, variants emerged as geographical or linguistic influences altered the spelling of surnames or new surnames developed from existing versions.

Kahlmann is derived from a Middle High German word “kahlman” (kahl) meaning bald. Kahlmeyer is a German name derived from a Middle High German term “kahlman” meaning bald. Kahlmeyer may also be a variant of “Kahler” (kahle) meaning bare or open. Kahlmeyerin is a feminized version. All of these variants are derived from the same origin, the German word for bald.

Famous people with the name Kahlers

  • Oscar Kähler: Danish composer and choral conductor.
  • Andrew Kähler: German actor.
  • René Kähler: German actor and screenwriter.
  • Jacqueline Kähler: former Swiss Olympic figure skater.
  • Helga Kähler: Austrian politician.
  • Meta Kähler: Austrian engineering pioneer and professor.
  • Nutan Kähler: Indian architect and urban planner.
  • Richard Kähler: German professor in the field of sports science.
  • Willy Kähler: German entrepreneur and industrialist.
  • Ylva Kähler: Swedish singer and songwriter.

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