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Surname Kieble - Meaning and Origin

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Kieble: What does the surname Kieble mean?

The last name Kieble is of German origin and is derived from the Germanic personal name 'Konrad'. Konrad is composed of two Old German words: 'kūniz' (to advise) and 'rād' (wise). Those bearing the Kieble surname typically have roots in the Holy Roman Empire, where the name originated.

The Kieble name is spelled in various forms, such as Kiebler, Kiplier, and Kieplier. It is thought to be related to Kiebler-Karpf, which originated from areas of southwestern Germany such as Baden and Wurttemberg.

Kiebles usually carry strong family values. Those bearing the Kieble name may be highly loyal to their families but enjoy the camaraderie among their relatives. They are often hard working and want to contribute to the betterment of their families. It is not uncommon to find Kieble families gathered and having dinner together to show their connection.

Kiebles may have strong religious values, tending to be Protestant or Catholic. They are usually educated and may be suited to professions such as engineering, banking, law, medicine, and teaching – professions that are ideal for their strong interpersonal skills.

In summary, the Kieble name is associated with hard working, loyal, educated, and religious individuals who have strong family values, enjoy each other’s company, and look for ways to contribute to the benefit of their family.

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Kieble: Where does the name Kieble come from?

The last name Kieble is not particularly common today. In the U.S., the name appears to be most prevalent in the Midwestern states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, based on public records of births, deaths, and marriages.

In the 2020 U.S. Census, the name Kieble was found to be present in some but not all of those states. Wisconsin is currently the state with the highest number of people with this surname, with more than 1,200 individuals recorded at the time of the census.

Minnesota had the second highest total, with close to 500 individuals listed. Michigan’s total was lower but still considerable, with close to 400 people bearing the surname at the time of the census.

In Europe, the surname is more common in Germany where it is estimated to have originated from many centuries ago. In particular, the name is most prevalent in the northern and western parts of the country near its borders with the Netherlands, Denmark, and Poland.

Kiebles appear to be a rare family name in other parts of the world, but its origin, popularity, and geographical spread may have shifted over time. Research into the history of this family could lead to more insights into its members' past and present locations.

Variations of the surname Kieble

The surname Kieble is derived from German surname Kiebel, which can also be spelled as Kiebel, Kibbel, Kibbel, Kiepler, Kieppler, and Kippler. The alternative spellings of Kieble are Kiebels, Kibel, Kibells, Kybel, Kybels, and Kybells, all of which are variations and derivations of the same origin.

Kieble originates from the Middle High German word “kübel” which means “tub, pail, or bucket”. Initially, this name was given to someone who remotely resembled a pail or a tub, usually because of large physical stature. Subsequently, it was adopted as a family name given to an individual whose ancestor was known to be of large physical size.

Another possible origin of the surname is derived from the Low German word “Kievel” which means eyes. This can be attributed to descriptions of an individual whose eyes were particularly striking or prominent, wherein the people around them would describe him as having “Kievel” eyes. Eventually, this description was adopted as a surname, becoming Kieble.

The surnames Keibel, Keibler, Kiebl, Kiebler, Keible, Keibles, Kiebles, and Kevble are all possible variants or surnames of the same origin, which can be used interchangeably and are all derived from Kieble.

Famous people with the name Kieble

  • Maciej Kieble: Polish footballer, who capped for the Republic of Ireland in the late 1990s.
  • Andrea Kieble: German tennis player known for her appearances at the Grand Slam tournaments.
  • Joe Kieble: NFL football player who played for the Pitston Steelers for four seasons between 1948 and 1951.
  • Adrian Kieble: Olympic athlete who represented Germany in the Summer Olympics and is now also a coach.
  • Ulrike Kieble: German figure skating champion who placed 10th in the 1992 Winter Olympics.
  • Maleeny Kieble: Director and Producer of several feature films and documentaries.
  • Frauke Kieble: German conceptual artist whose works explore the intersection of nature and technology.
  • Ashley Kieble: Runner, coach and author of several books on running.
  • Tim Kieble: Film producer and actor who has appeared in several Hollywood films.
  • Jeff Kieble: Professional esports player, who currently competes in League of Legends tournaments.

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