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Surname Kiehslich - Meaning and Origin

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Kiehslich: What does the surname Kiehslich mean?

The last name Kiehslich (sometimes also spelled as Keihslich or Kiehslick) is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German word "kislich," which means collar. The name is likely an occupational surname based on a profession, and the origin suggests that it is most likely referring to a maker of collars. It is possible that the person who bore the Kiehslich name was in charge of making or selling neck coverings such as collars, or other items of similar clothing.

The Kiehslich surname is found mainly in the German speaking regions of Europe, although there are some bearers of the name found elsewhere. People with the Kiehslich name can be found in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Those in the U.S. mostly reside in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

The Kiehslich name is an uncommon one, but those who bare it can be proud of their Germanic roots and likely connection to the making of collars.

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Kiehslich: Where does the name Kiehslich come from?

The last name Kiehslich is common today primarily in German-speaking countries, especially in Germany. It is a German surname that is believed to have originated from either the Middle High German term "kiutslegen," meaning "to lie down," or from "kiut," which means "wedge."

In Germany, the name is most commonly found in the states of Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, and Saxony. Outside of Germany, Kiehslich is known to have been adopted as a primary or secondary surname in Austria, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Kiehslich is recorded in the United States Census and appears in records since around the mid-nineteenth century. In 2020, it was reported to be the 8,489th most common name in the country. In addition, Kiehslich is found in other countries, including the Czech Republic, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

The Kiehslich name is associated with individuals whose histories span hundreds of years, often associated with distinguished careers. For example, Hans Kiehslich was a colonel in the Bavarian army during the 1800s. As such, the name is a symbol of accomplishment and stature.

Variations of the surname Kiehslich

The surname Kiehslich is a Germanic patronymic surname derived from the given name Kiehsl or Kiehsel, an old Germanic personal name composed of two elements: kieh, from the Old Germanic ki, meaning "to kindle," and sel, meaning "soul." Variants of this surname include Kiehls, Kiehsel, Kieslich, Kiesl, Kieslich, Kiehsl, Kysel, Kyselích, and Kysel.

Kiehslich is a common name in regions with German cultural influence and may have multiple spellings in other countries and regions due to cultural and language exchange. Some of these alternate spellings are Kischlich, Kiesling, Kiechling, Kaychle, Kiehlich, Kechlich, Kiechel, Kiechler, and Kiechl.

In some regions, the surname Kiehslich is also used as a given name or is combined with a distinct surname to form a new name. Examples include Kiehslich Heyder, Kiehslich Kuwal, Kiehslich Hoffmann, Kiehslich Krentsch, Kiehslich Gebhardt, Kiehslich Bürger, and Kiehslich Zirlewagen.

In conclusion, the surname Kiehslich is derived from an old Germanic personal name and is often spelled or used with various variants and alternate spellings. It is also used as a given name or combined with a distinct surname in some regions.

Famous people with the name Kiehslich

  • Achim Kiehslich: German skier and Olympic athlete
  • Isabell Kiehslich: German figure skating pair skater
  • Ronald Kiehslich: German actor
  • Axel Kiehslich: German footballer
  • Maximilian Kiehslich: German video game designer
  • Freya Kiehslich: German film director
  • Susanne Kiehslich: German politician
  • Florian Kiehslich: Austrian composer
  • Thomas Kiehslich: German singer and songwriter
  • Robert Kiehslich: German psychiatrist and surgeon

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