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Surname Kieley - Meaning and Origin

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Kieley: What does the surname Kieley mean?

The last name Kieley is of Irish origin. The name comes from the Irish Gaelic name Mac an Ghiolair, which literally translates to Son of the dutiful one. This likely refers to a person who was known for being reliable and trustworthy. In the early Irish language this name was spelled as Mac an Ghiolla Gaibhre, which translates to Son of Devotees Helpers. Kieley is thought to be an Anglicized version of the Gaelic name.

In Ireland, the Kieley name can be found primarily in counties Kerry and Cork. It is thought that the Kieley name originated in Kerry, where there is a small town called Kiely’s Cross. The spelling of Kieley is also present in other countries, including England and Scotland. The Kieleys who are found in those countries are likely descendants of Irish immigrants who travelled in search of a better life.

Kieleys usually take pride in their Irish heritage and the sense of history attached to their name. They may also be members of various Gaelic and Celtic organizations in their local communities. Kieleys are known for their strong family ties, and they often come together for festivals and celebrations to honour their heritage.

Overall, the meaning of the name Kieley is rooted in Irish heritage and the hardworking qualities associated with being devoted and trustworthy. It is a name that can still be found throughout the world, showing how far this Irish heritage has spread.

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Kieley: Where does the name Kieley come from?

The last name Kieley is most commonly found in Ireland today. It is also found in small numbers in England and Scotland.

The name Kieley is derived from the Gaelic name "Cioghaile," which is an Anglicized form of the Irish language name "Mac an Fhilidh" or "Son of the Poet."

This name is still primarily found in the areas where the Irish language was once spoken, such as around the town of Castlebar in County Mayo in the province of Connacht, or Dublin, in central and eastern Ireland. It is also found in small numbers in other parts of Ireland as well.

Genealogy records have shown that the name Kieley is also linked to the ancient tribe called the Tuatha De Danann, and it is thought that the ancestors of this Irish surname were part of this tribe. This tribe is believed to have lived in Ireland prior to the arrival of the Celts and other tribes in the 4th Century.

The name may have been altered over the centuries, but those who carry the surname Kieley are likely descendants of the original Mac an Fhilidh. The name still carries a lot of respect in Ireland, as it is the name of one of the country's most famous poets, Seamus Heaney.

Variations of the surname Kieley

The surname Kieley is a patronymic name that originated in Ireland. It is derived from the Irish Gaelic surname Mac Giolla Eáin or the shortened version of MacKeeley, both are anglicized forms of the Gaelic Mac Giolla Eáin, which initially was the name of a sept located in the Ulster province of Ireland.

The variants of the surname Kieley include Keeley, Keyley, Kielsen, Kylin, Kiely, Keely, Kilin, Kielin, Kylyn, Killin, and MacKeeley.

The spellings of the name Kieley can vary from one family to another. Variations may include Keeley, Keyley, Kielsen, Kylin, Kiely, Keely, Kilin, Kielin, Kylyn, Killin, and MacKeeley.

The surnames that are of the same origin as Kieley include Mckay, McKay, McKie, Makay, Magee, McKenna, MacAvee, MacKeown, Mackay, MacGee, Makin, Macke, Makee, and MacKon.

The surname Kieley has been around for centuries, with different families using various spellings and variations of the name. However, the name and its various forms all have the same ultimate origin in the Irish family sept known as Mac Giolla Eáin.

Famous people with the name Kieley

  • Chris Kieley: the former head of television programming for NatMatthews Productions.
  • Derek Kieley: an actor, writer, and composer.
  • Bobby Kieley: an actor, writer, and sketch comedian.
  • Jimmy Kieley: an American musician and singer-songwriter.
  • Alex Kieley: an American singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Mike Kieley: an American actor and comedian.
  • Sean Kieley: a professional photographer and filmmaker.
  • Rachael Kieley: an independent journalist and author.
  • Kevon Kieley: a professional stuntman and body double.
  • Bridget Kieley: a journalist and food columnist.
  • Anna Kieley: a champion sports shooter from Ireland.
  • Brian Kieley: an American musician and singer.
  • Stan Kieley: an American retired basketball player.
  • Sam Kieley: a Scottish footballer.
  • Michael Kieley: an American television producer and director.
  • Liam Kieley: an Irish actor and television presenter.
  • Barry Kieley: a British professional bodybuilder.
  • Colm Kieley: an amateur boxer from Ireland.
  • Patrick Kieley: an American screenwriter and story editor.
  • Blair Kieley: a Canadian actor and TV host.

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My Name is Tara Kielley. Descendent of Newfoundland and Ireland before that. My last name has been spelt different ways. My great grand father was Thomas Kiely

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