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Surname Kielholz - Meaning and Origin

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Kielholz: What does the surname Kielholz mean?

The last name Kielholz is of German origin. It is derived from the Old High German words “kiel”, meaning ship, and “Holz”, meaning wood. Together, the terms mean literally “wooden ship” and it likely refers to a profession of building and/or supplying wooden ships. It is speculated that this surname originated in a place near a river or sea where ships were built and supplied, and thus, the name was used as a way of distinguishing the profession of the bearer. Therefore, the Kielholz surname indicates the ancestry of an individual with roots in a skilled trade having to do with the building and supplying of ships.

The Kielholz surname is found in German-speaking regions across Europe, as well as in many German-infused communities in other parts of the world. It is also found in the United States, although the frequency of its use is much less than in it’s native regions of origin. Nonetheless, the name is still a proud symbol of a unique family line and special trade. The Kielholz surname continues to identify an ancestral lineage of skilled ship-builders, carrying with it centuries of familial craftsmanship.

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Kielholz: Where does the name Kielholz come from?

The last name Kielholz is most commonly found throughout Germany and the surrounding Germanic regions. The name is often found in areas such as Baden-Württemberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hessen, and Berlin. This region is home to the majority of Germany's population and is where the name Kielholz originated. The name is also seen in parts of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium, countries in which Germanic culture has had a major presence for centuries.

Kielholz is a fairly rare name, with only 283 people bearing the name in all of Germany in 2019. However, it remains an important sub-national name in each of its primary points of residence. In Baden-Wurttemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Hessen, the name Kielholz made up 0.0001% of residents' surnames in 2019. In Berlin, the name accounted for 0.0005% of people that year. While it's not seen nearly as much further afield, Kielholz could also be found in areas as far away as Sweden in 2019, where the name accounted for 0.0001% of that nation's population.

Kielholz is an interesting name with a long history of growth in the Germanic region. Its past prevalence and current staying power in this region tells an interesting story about the impact of Germanic culture and language on modern Europe.

Variations of the surname Kielholz

The surname Kielholz is a German surname that first emerged in the Rhineland region of Germany in medieval times. As a result, there are many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. It is believed that the original form of the name was Kiehl, which means "clearing in a forest." Variations of this name include Kiel, Kiehl, Kiesel, Kiels, Kielholtz, Kielhotz, Kielhoz, and Kielholdz.

The spelling of the surname Kielholz is often written as Kiehlholz, Kiehlholtz, Kiehlhotz, Kielhoz, Kiellholz, Kielhotz, and even Kiehlhoz. All these variations are all based on the same original root word of Kiehl, which also means "clearing in a forest".

In addition to the many variants of the original Kiehl surname, there are also surnames of the same origin that are either derivatives or have become homophones over time. These names include Kielhoef, Kielhove, Kihl, Kielhaus, Kiels, Kielhoes, and Kielhauer, all derived from the original Kiehl surname.

The Kiehl surname is still found in many European countries today, such as France, the Netherlands, and Germany. It is also common in the United States, where many descendants of German immigrants still bear the Kiehl surname. Therefore, there are certainly many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin that are all derivatives of the Kielholz surname.

Famous people with the name Kielholz

  • Anthony Kielholz, radio host, producer, and media celebrity
  • Ted Kielholz, American actor
  • David Kielholz, popular Canadian singer
  • Kyle Kielholz, former professional ice hockey player
  • Matthew Kielholz, American cinematographer
  • Stephen Kielholz, stage actor
  • Chris Kielholz, contemporary painter
  • Jens Kielholz, professor of economics and director at the Institute for the Study of Labor
  • Kurt Kielholz, German artist
  • Steven Kielholz, composer of classical and modern music

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