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Surname La Master - Meaning and Origin

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La Master: What does the surname La Master mean?

The surname La Master is generally considered to be of French origin, deriving from the Old French term "maistre" which means "master". This was typically used as an occupational surname for someone who was a master of their craft or a teacher. It's important to note that the spelling La Master, even though has a French appearance, is not a common surname in France. This spelling variation likely developed after migration, particularly in regions such as the United States or Canada, as French names often changed to accommodate English language customs. This last name implies a sense of authority, control, or proficiency in a certain field or trade. Every interpretation of a surname's meaning should be treated with caution since the evolution of surnames is often a complex process influenced by social, linguistic, and regional factors.

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La Master: Where does the name La Master come from?

The surname La Master is of French origin, from the old French term "le maistre", which means "the master". It was traditionally given as an occupational surname to individuals who were considered masters of their craft or trade. However, it is important to note that over time variations of this surname have occurred, including “Lamaster," "Lamastre," and others.

In the modern era, the surname La Master is most common in the United States, particularly in states like Indiana, Ohio, and California. According to census data, there are a few thousand individuals with this last name spread across the country. Therefore, while the name is of French origin, it is not highly common in France today. It may likely be due to French descendants who migrated to the U.S over the years and kept the surname. France was one of the main European countries from where early settlers in America originated. While it's not amongst the most common last names, it maintains a certain uniqueness and is a valuable link to occupational and French ancestry.

Variations of the surname La Master

The surname La Master is of French origin and has several variants, spellings, and surnames that trace back to the same root. The name is derived from 'Maître' or 'Master' in English, which indicates a person in charge or a teacher in Middle Age's social hierarchy.

One of the most common variants of La Master is Lamaster. Other versions include Lamastre, Lamastres and Lemasurier, which is particularly common in areas of France. Other spelling variants could include Le Maistre and Le Master, which are mainly seen in French-speaking regions. English spelling variations could include Lemaster and Leemaster.

In some instances, the "La" or "Le" prefix could be dropped, leading to surnames like Master or Maister. Similarly, variations like Mastro, Maestro (from Italian), Maistre (from Old French), and Meister (from German) could have the same origin.

Further, regional variations may also occur. For example, the name may have been anglicized upon immigration to English-speaking countries, resulting in names like Master or Masters. It's important to remember that variations in spelling of the same original surname are typically the result of an individual's personal choice and language or cultural changes over time.

Famous people with the name La Master

  • Jim LaMaster: Musician, singer-songwriter, and visual artist.
  • Terry LaMaster: Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Spade Cooley: Country-Western musician, dancer, and actor.
  • Rueben LaMaster: Professional basketball player.
  • Walter LaMaster: Early 20th century World War I era US Navy admiral.
  • Brandon LaMaster: Video game developer.
  • Dora LaMaster: Disc jockey in the 1950s.
  • Abraham LaMaster: Black American politician, educator, pastor, and civic leader.
  • Jerri LaMaster: Singer, songwriter, and actress.
  • Oscar LaMaster: Major League Baseball player in the late 19th century.
  • Justin LaMaster: Television actor.
  • Kimberly LaMaster: Social media influencer, lifestyle blogger, and author.
  • Kennedy LaMaster: Television actress.
  • Charles LaMaster: American silent film actor.
  • Roy LaMaster: Professional football player.
  • Christine LaMaster: Animator and cartoonist.
  • Wesley LaMaster: Professional baseball umpire.
  • Ron LaMaster: Executive Producer, screenwriter, and director of television shows.
  • Hugh LaMaster: Punk singer-songwriter.
  • Thomas LaMaster: American electrical engineer.

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