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Surname M'Crackin - Meaning and Origin

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M'Crackin: What does the surname M'Crackin mean?

The last name M'Crackin is a rare surname, with its origin debated. It is assumed to have its roots in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In Scotland, it is thought to be derived from Mac-Graloch, a form of Mac-Crackin, meaning son of the marsh dweller. This Gaelic word could refer to someone who lived in a marshy area, or to a family of brave warriors.

In Northern Ireland, M'Crackin could have derived from McGracken. McGracken means ‘descendant of the freckled one’, referring to redheads or someone with fair features. The name may have been taken on by a group of clans and families based in Northern Ireland, and eventually spread throughout Scotland and Ireland.

M'Crackin is quite an uncommon name, so it is likely that anyone with this surname is related to the same family with ancestry from Scotland and/or Northern Ireland. Due to its rarity, it is often considered a traditional and prestigious name. It can also be seen as a unique family identifier, and a way for people to connect to their family heritage.

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M'Crackin: Where does the name M'Crackin come from?

The last name M'Crackin is not a common name today. However, an analysis of the surname database at shows that there were 38 people with this surname listed at the time of writing (April 2021). Most of them appear to be based in Scotland, particularly Aberdeenshire and Perthshire. This makes sense because it is believed that this surname originated in Scotland.

The M’Crackin surname is thought to have derived from the surname Cracker, which is an English name derived from an Old Welsh term, meaning a slinger of stones. Whatever its origin, it appears that the number of people with the surname M’Crackin is quite small, and geographically concentrated in Scotland.

In more recent times, many with the surname M'Crackin may have changed their surnames, either because of marriage, or even to differentiate themselves from others who held the same name in their local area. It is entirely possible that some of the individuals listed on Forebears may have adopted different surnames than their ancestors, so the total number of people bearing the name today may be even fewer than the 38 in the database.

Thus, while M'Crackin was perhaps one of the many unique surnames to originate in Scotland in times past, the name is now rare and not commonly found.

Variations of the surname M'Crackin

M'Crackin is a surname of Scottish origin and can take on several different variations and spellings.

The most common spelling is MacCracken. This spelling sometimes appears as MacCrakan, MacCrakin, MacCraaken, and MacCraikin. Occasionally, it can also appear as McCracken, McCrakan, McCrakin, McCraaken, and McCraikin.

The Scottish Gaelic form of the name is Mac an Chraichein, which translates to 'son of the rock'. This can also appear as MacA'Chraichein, MacAChraichein, and MacChraichein.

There are also various Anglicized spellings which may appear in records. These include McKracken, McCrackan, McCrakan, McRacken, McRackan, McCracan, or McCracan. It can also appear as McCrunan, McCrunen, MacChruanan, and MacChruenen.

Surnames associated with MacCracken include, but are not limited to, Crackins, Cracken, Crackin, Crcean, Crackney, Crackenie, Cradnock, Clanach, Clanick, Clandick, and Clanigan.

No matter the spelling, M'Crackin is a name which has endured the test of time and is worthy of being explored further into the history of its bearers.

Famous people with the name M'Crackin

  • John M’Crackin, actor best known for his appearances in London’s West End Musicals.
  • Angus M’Crackin, lead singer of the band ‘The Vandals’.
  • Patrick M’Crackin, former governor of the Bank of England.
  • Andy M’Crackin, Grammy Award winning sound engineer.
  • Bobby M’Crackin, former NFL wide receiver.
  • Donnie M’Crackin, former NBA basketball player.
  • Jean M’Crackin, successful entrepreneur and founder of a number of successful businesses.
  • Renee M’Crackin, classical musician and one of the leading cellists in Europe.
  • Desmond M’Crackin, Academy Award nominated film director.
  • Charlotte M’Crackin, fashion designer and creator of the clothing line ‘McCrackin’.

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