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Surname M'Kie - Meaning and Origin

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M'Kie: What does the surname M'Kie mean?

M'Kie is a surname of Scottish origin. The single letter “M” is a diminutive, suggesting a shortened form of a more traditional name, while the “Kie” is believed to derive from the Gaelic iche, meaning “son of.” Thus, M’Kie could mean “son of the son of.”

The surname M’Kie is first recorded in the 12th century in Scotland, when it was originally associated with lands in Midlothian. In Ayrshire the name became prominent due to the family of M’Kie of Auchencruive, who were granted the lands in reward for their service to their local lord. As a result of this association, the M’Kie name soon became a respected and influential name in Ayrshire.

In 17th century Scotland, M’Kie was a well-respected surname, linked to both wealth and power in Ayrshire. By the 18th century, the M’Kie family had become established in many Scottish counties, and their influence had grown to cover politics, religion, law, and infrastructures.

The M’Kie name has since spread to many different countries, regions, and continents. Today it is still very common in Scotland, but is also common in Ireland, England, America, and Canada.

Over the centuries, the meaning of the M’Kie name has evolved and become broadened to include the notion of loyalty and service to family and community. In general, the M’Kie family today is considered to be composed of proud and productive citizens, who remain true to their heritage of standing for what is right and just.

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M'Kie: Where does the name M'Kie come from?

The last name M'Kie is quite an old surname and seems to be mostly tied to families in Scotland. While there may be people with the last name M’Kie living around the world, the majority of people with the surname live in Scotland.

Scotland is a country brimming with rich history and culture, and the last name M'Kie is ever-present in that landscape. The surname is closely tied to both Scottish and Irish ancestry and can be found in many variations, including MacKie, M'Kee, McKie, and McKy. Records indicate that the earliest M'Kie family origins can be traced to 11th century Scotland. However, it is possible that the M'Kie ancestors who gave rise to the surname could have arrived as early as the ninth century. In Scotland, the name M’Kie is most commonly found in East Dunbartonshire, South Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Angus, Aberdeenshire, and West Lothian.

In the United States, the M'Kie surname is much less common. The majority of Americans who carry the last name today likely have Scots-Irish descendants. This suggests that the name first arrived in the U.S. during the 18th or 19th centuries when Scots-Irish immigration to the colonies was at its peak. Within the U.S., the states with the greatest concentration of M'Kie families include Massachusetts, Connecticut, Georgia, New York, Utah, Ohio, and California, although the name can be found in every state.

Today, the M'Kie name carries on in Scotland in many forms, with families carrying on the proud tradition of their ancestors.

Variations of the surname M'Kie

M'Kie is a surname originating from Scotland and Northern Ireland. Variations on the name include McKie, M'Kea, MacKie, Mackie, and McKye. The spelling of the surname can vary due to regional or cultural influences.

The variants for M'Kie depend on the family's specific story and their ancestral origin. However, McKie has its roots in the traditional Scottish and Ulster-Scots cultures and languages. It comes from the Gaelic name MacFhíodh, meaning “son of fid”. The word “fid” means “wolf” or “wood” in the Gaelic language, and so the name literally means “son of the wolf” or “son of the wood”, depending on the interpretation.

MacKie and its variants are associated with the Irish sept of MacAphee. The spelling of McKay is also associated with these two septs, but may have a slightly different origin. McKye is another spelling found in Scotland, where it may be applied to families of the same name.

M'Kie may also appear with a different spelling in some cases. Some examples include M’Key, MacKa, MacKi, Macke and McMa. It may also appear with the O' prefix, as in O'M'Kie.

Surnames related to M'Kie include MacPhie, MacPhail, McAteer, MacTaggart and McKee. These all derive from the same Gaelic origins, AKA ‘son of fid’.

Famous people with the name M'Kie

  • Rachel M'Kie: Rachel M'Kie is a multi-instrumentalist and UK-based producer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is best known for her unique fusion of styles, synthesizing traditional Irish music with electronica.
  • Kenny M'Kie: Kenny M'Kie is an international DJ and music producer. He has performed at numerous festivals around Europe, including Glastonbury and Creamfields.
  • Michael M'Kie: Michael M'Kie is an actor from Northern Ireland who has appeared in a variety of films and television productions. He is best known for his role as Jacob Grimm in the supernatural horror film Grimmfest.
  • Chris M'Kie: Chris M'Kie is a folk guitarist and songwriter from Scotland, playing a mix of traditional and contemporary music. He has released various albums and singles and regularly plays gigs around Scotland.
  • Paul M'Kie: Paul M'Kie is an actor and writer from Scotland. He has appeared in several stage and screen productions, and has written a number of plays for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Alan M'Kie: Alan M'Kie is a professional drag racer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He won numerous championships throughout the UK and Europe, and competed in numerous off-road and dirt track races.

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