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Surname M'Lauren - Meaning and Origin

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M'Lauren: What does the surname M'Lauren mean?

The last name M’Lauren is of Scottish origin. The surname is believed to derive from the Gaelic Mac Laomainn, meaning ‘son of Laomainn’. Laomainn is a male Gaelic given name which is thought to originate from the Latin word ‘Leonam’, meaning ‘lion’. The name is associated with the clan of Clan MacLaren, part of the Scottish Highlands, and is believed to be a branch of McCullochs and Alexanders of Lanarkshire.

The M'Laurens of Scotland are believed to have descended from one of the old Gaelic families of seventh century Scotland. In the 10th century, the M’Laurens clan moved to Lochnell, in the north of Argyll, where they established their lands. The family remained in the area for hundreds of years, until the late 18th century, when the clan was dispersed throughout Scotland. Today, the clan is found mostly in the north and east of Scotland.

The M’Laurens are traditionally associated with the ancient Clan Campbell in the Argyll region. The family were an upstanding clan and were even granted the tenancy of the stronghold of Ardtornish in the 14th century by the crown. The M’Laurens played an important role in the Campbell Clan and were highly respected by other families in the area.

The M’Laurens are a proud and noble family who are associated with centuries of Scottish history. Their name is derived from loyalty, bravery and nobility, traits which the clan aspires to uphold to this day.

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M'Lauren: Where does the name M'Lauren come from?

The origin of the last name M'Lauren is uncertain, as it has been seen with both Scottish and Irish variants. However, its main distribution today is concentrated in the United States, where it was brought by waves of British immigrants in the 1600s.

In the United States, the most commonly recognized form of the M'Lauren name is the Irish spelling "MacLaren". Its prevalence today has largely been attributed to the state of Virginia, where it is most highly concentrated in the Appalachian region.

In 2000, the last name M'Lauren was ranked 5,412th most common among all surnames in the United States. It was most commonly reported in Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia, though it may also have had some presence in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. The names MacLaren and M'Laren are rarely seen in other parts of the world, although a few occurrences have been noted in Canada, Australia, and in Scotland.

The M'Lauren surname is nearly always of British, specifically Scottish and Irish, origin. It is a patronymic name derived from the Gaelic elements "Mac" meaning "son of" and "Laurence" of which meant "man from Laurentium." The latter form of the name may refer to the Italian city of the same name or may, in some cases, be derived from the Latin word for "laurel".

Given its British roots, it is likely that the surname M'Lauren will continue to remain concentrated in regions of the United States with a strong British history, such as the Appalachian Mountain region.

Variations of the surname M'Lauren

The surname M'Lauren has a number of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common variations are M'laren, McLarn, McLarren, McLaurin, McLauran, McLawren, McLorin, McLorain and McLaurine. Other spellings may also be seen, including M’lawren, M’loarin, MacLarn, MacLaren, MacLorin, MacLaurin, MacLaurine, MacLawren, MacLauran, MacLorain, and McLawerence. Generally, any spelling with the prefix ‘Mac’ or ‘Mc’ is considered to be of the same origin.

The surname M'Lauren is believed to have a Scottish origin and is believed to derive from the Gaelic ‘Mac Labhruinn’, which means ‘Son of the Laureate’. A 'Laureate' is someone distinguished by their knowledge or accomplishments in a specific field and was often a poet or scholar. It is believed that the M'Lauren family is descended from a lawman in the 13th century, Donald M'Labhruinn, who lived in Lorne in Scotland.

The spelling of M'Lauren is most commonly seen in Europe and the USA, however, there may be some variations in other parts of the world. Various spellings of the surname are seen throughout History, and will most likely remain in use for many years to come.

Famous people with the name M'Lauren

  • Mackenzie M'Lauren: a British-American actress
  • Mary M'Lauren: an American R&B singer
  • Monique M'Lauren: an American hip-hop artist
  • Morris M'Lauren: an American former professional football player
  • Michael M'Lauren: an English former soccer player
  • Mitch M'Lauren: an American retired professional swimmer
  • Malachi M'Lauren: a British actor
  • Maxwell M'Lauren: an American jazz guitarist and composer
  • Meg M'Lauren: an American writer, journalist, and health advocate
  • Miranda M'Lauren: an American software engineer

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