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Surname M'Leran - Meaning and Origin

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M'Leran: What does the surname M'Leran mean?

The last name M'Leran is an old Scottish and Irish surname, originating in the 11th century. The name is taken from the Gaelic Mac Giollafhearain, a patronymic derived from the personal name Fearain, meaning "man of Faith". The M'Leran surname was most commonly found in the counties of Tirconnel and Cavan, particularly in the areas of Ballymacleran, Moylurgan, and Donaghcloney.

In Scotland, the M'Leran family were an old Jacobite clan who opposed the 18th century Hanoverian dynasty and who supported the Restoration of the Stuart monarchy in 1745. The M'Lerans were mostly located in the area around Cumnock in Ayrshire and the Duke of Argyll in Glenlyon, Perthshire, where a branch of the family had held their own castle since the 16th century.

The name M'Leran is derived from the Gaelic Mac Giollafhearain which is a combination of the words Mac (son) and Giolla (servant). The prefix 'M’ meaning son of, and 'Leran' meaning ‘attendant’, ‘servant’ or ‘follower’. It is thought that the name may have been taken on by a son to demonstrate their faith in a religious leader or saint.

The name M’Leran is still found today in Ireland, Scotland, the USA, and Canada. The M'Leran families that settled in North America were primarily Ulster Scots, and many descendants of this family can be found in the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

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M'Leran: Where does the name M'Leran come from?

The last name M’Leran is not particularly common today, and it appears to have a long history. The surname is most commonly encountered in Great Britain, where it was first recorded in the 1200s. The M’Leran family is mostly associated with the borders of Scotland and, more specifically, with counties in the north of England such as Durham, Northumberland, and Shropshire. The family was one of the oldest and most powerful border clans in medieval Scotland, and its members held several prominent positions in the aristocracy and church.

The M’Lerans were a once-powerful family, whose influence is still felt to this day. Throughout the centuries, the family has produced important figures in the military, in politics and in the Church. They have also left their mark in the field of arts and literature with the Renaissance figure Thomas M’Leran being a prominent example.

However, today, the M’Leran name is not particularly common. Despite its historical ties to the area, it is not a particularly well-known surname. Its prevalence is especially low in the U.S., which is likely attributed to the surname not coming to the continent until much later than other surnames, as well as the fact that the M’Lerans were not a particularly large family. It is more common in Britain, Ireland, and Canada, where it is estimated that roughly 500 people carry the last name.

Variations of the surname M'Leran

The surname M’Leran is a variant of the surname McLeran, which has its roots in Scottish-Gaelic culture. It is derived from the Gaelic phrase ‘Mac Giolla Bhrian’, meaning ‘the son of the follower of St. Brian’. This is a surname of two completely different sources of origin—Irish and Scottish—but it is typically considered to be Scottish in origin.

Variants of the surname M’Leran include M'Laran, MacLeran, McLeran, McLaran, and Mac Liran. These variants are occasionally seen spelled as Maclerane, McLaran, and Macleran as well.

Other spellings of M’Leran which are still considered to be of the same origin include McLeren, McLerran, McLerron, McLearan, and McLearen.

It is also common to find the surname spelled in various ways like M’Leran and MacLeran, with the letter ‘u’ added or without the letter ‘c’ included. Surnames related to and derived from M’Leran include McClaran, MacLaran, MacLarran, MacLaron, MacLarron, and MacLaurin.

All of these variants, spellings, and derivatives of M’Leran have the same origin and refer to the same family name. The spelling often differs depending on the specific region or language in which it is used; however, the surname is still recognized as the same.

Famous people with the name M'Leran

  • Gerald M'Leran: Grammy award-winning Christian singer
  • Eric M'Leran: actor, writer, and director
  • Ryan M'Leran: professional baseball player
  • Claire M'Leran: fashion model and photographer
  • Norman M'Leran: jazz musician
  • Annabelle M'Leran: movie star
  • Kenneth M'Leran: athlete and record holder
  • Sara M'Leran: archaeologist and explorer
  • Tim M'Leran: football player
  • Tricia M'Leran: famous chef
  • Shari M'Leran: painter and sculptor
  • Alvaro M'Leran: descendant of Spanish nobleman from the 16th century
  • Peter M'Leran: professional basketball player
  • Robert M'Leran: space scientist and YouTube personality
  • Linda M'Leran: singer-songwriter and author
  • Michelle M'Leran: artist, poet, and social activist
  • Joseph M'Leran: sports commentator and restaurant critic
  • Bart M'Leran: doctor and researcher

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