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Surname M'queyne - Meaning and Origin

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M'queyne: What does the surname M'queyne mean?

The last name M'queyne is a Scottish surname, originating in the country's southwest border regions. The exact etymology of the moniker is uncertain, however the surname is believed to come from the Gaelic phrase “Mac Uidhne”, meaning “son of Oghney”. Oghney is the Old Irish equivalent of the modern name Eunan, derived from the Latin name Euanus.

The Mac Uidhne family primarily spread across the 1800s into Ayrshire and Renfrew in western Scotland, often with the Anglicised version of their name as “McQueen”. To this day, many M'queye families are still found in Scotland, and the name has since spread to other countries including Canada, the United States, and Australia.

The name M'queyne is likely to carry associations with strength, authority, and stability, as qualities historically attributed to the lineages that bear this surname. The moniker also bears a strong spiritual and ancestral connection due to its Gaelic heritage.

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M'queyne: Where does the name M'queyne come from?

The last name M’queyne is most commonly found today in French-speaking areas. This surname is thought to have originated in the northern regions of France in places such as Normandy and Brittany as well as southern areas like Languedoc and Aquitaine.

The name M’queyne more likely originated from a given name, MacQuillon, which was popular in medieval French society. The name is derived from the Latin Macisconellus, which was used to describe a son of church officials or leaders.

The M’queyne spelling of the name is an anglicized version of the French MacQuillon and can be found in areas such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. France, however, still has one of the largest concentrations of people with the last name M’queyne. This is mainly concentrated in the northern and southern coastal areas where it initially originated.

It is also possible to find M'queyne in other locations around the world. This is likely due to the fact that French settlers and immigrants transported the last name to other parts of the world when they decided to settle in new places. Today, the last name is still found in Africa, India, Asia, and various parts of the Americas.

Overall, the last name M’queyne is most commonly found in French-speaking regions and French descent areas today. It is thought to have originated from the French MacQuillon name and has only been anglicized over the years. Nevertheless, it can still be found in many areas around the world due to French immigration and settlement.

Variations of the surname M'queyne

M'queyne is an uncommon surname with a wide variety of variants and spellings, including MacQuaoid, McKenney, MacKainey, MacKaney, MacKeainey, MacKeayney, Mackinay, MacQuoid, MacQuoyne, Mac-Quoyne, MacQuoane, MacQuiene, MacQuirt, and MacWheine. Each spelling is derived from an ancient Irish surname originating during the Middle Ages with the Ó Caoimh or "O'Keef" sept of Clan Ua Fáilghe. The surname M'queyne likely derives its roots from the Clan Ua Fáilghe and the O'Keefe surname, which in turn is likely derived from the Gaelic meaning 'descendant of caomh'or 'descendant of caoglach'.

The Irish surname contains the particle "O," which could indicate 'grandson of.' In this case, the assumed meaning of M'Quoyne is grandson of caomh. In some cases of Irish surnames with the particle 'O', the spelling may have changed to Mac, meaning 'son of.'" The Mac Breathnach family of County Louth was recorded in the Irish Genealogical Library in Ireland as MacQuaoid. It is believed that the M'Quaoid, M'Keaney, and M'Quoyne variation of the ancient surname may be distinct from the older O'Keeffe sept, pointing to the possibility of a separate branch of Clan Ua Fáilghe.

Regardless of which variant or spelling of the surname, M'Quoyne or otherwise, all of its many variations are all rooted in the same ancient Irish sept of Clan Ua Fáilghe and point to a long and proud lineage of Irish heritage.

Famous people with the name M'queyne

  • Devi M'Quoid: Artist & Illustrator
  • Jocelyn M'Quoy: Award-winning Singer
  • Esther M'Quay: Award-winning Actor
  • Nicholas M'Quoid: Civil Rights Activist
  • Robert M'Quoy: Neuroscientist
  • Mark M'Quay: Aviation Pioneer
  • David M'Quay: Creative Director
  • Aaron M'Quoid: Insect Biologist
  • Paul M'Quay: Dance Choreographer
  • Adrienne M'Quoid: Chef and Culinary Instructor

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