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Surname Maack - Meaning and Origin

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Maack: What does the surname Maack mean?

The surname Maack is a German occupational name, from the Middle High German “mac” meaning “hunt”. It most likely originated from someone who worked as a hunting guide, or even a forester or gamekeeper. Rarely, it is also found as an ornamental name derived from the Middle High German word “mac” meaning “son”.

The surname can be found in various forms across Germany. Its most popular incarnation is MACK, and it can also be found as Maack, Maak, Maecke, Macke, Micker, and Mickert. It may also be spelled differently depending on the particular region of Germany in which it is found.

Maack is not an especially common surname and can be found mainly in areas of northwestern Germany. It can also be found in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

Today, the descendants of those who first bore the surname Maack form part of the population in many countries around the world. Many retain the surname in its original form, while others have adapted and adopted variant spellings over the years.

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Maack: Where does the name Maack come from?

The last name Maack is fairly common in Germanic countries in Europe, especially in northern Germany. It can also be found in Scandinavian countries, as it is a variant of the Scandinavian name Mack.

Today, the last name is found in numerous countries, including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Norway, Sweden, and Belgium. In the United States, the Maack surname is particularly common in western states such as Washington, California, and Oregon. It is estimated that around 81,000 Americans with the Maack surname are living in the country today.

The Maack surname is especially common among Christians, as it was traditionally used to identify people of the Maack family who lived in eastern Germany near the borders of Czech and Poland. A historic clan with the Maack name is also believed to have originated in Prussia.

In addition, the Maack surname has spread to many other countries due to immigration. Individuals with Maack ancestry can now be found living in countries as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Costa Rica, India, and Philippines.

Variations of the surname Maack

The surname Maack or Mack is derived from the German word Mache or Machen, and means “son of” or “child of” a person with the surname Mache or Machen. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Maack include Maack, Mache, Machen, Maak, Maakmann, Mak, Make, Makmann, Mack, Mackmann, and Meck.

The spelling and pronunciation of the surname Maack has changed over time, having multiple spelling variations. Maack is the most common spelling variation and is found throughout Europe. Maak is also very popular in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands and Germany, while Mak is the most common variant in Poland. Other variations seen include Mache and Machen, found mainly in Bavaria, Germany. Maakmann and Makmann are both common in France and Germany.

The surname Mack is the most popular form of the surname Maack in the United States and Canada, likely due to German immigrants who changed their surnames to sound more English. Other variants in the United States include Macke, Make, Makman, Meck, and Meckman.

In summary, the surname Maack, originating from the German word Mache or Machen, has multiple spellings, variations and surnames related to it, including Maack, Mache, Machen, Maak, Maakmann, Mak, Make, Makmann, Mack, Mackmann, Macke, Make, Makman, Meck, and Meckman.

Famous people with the name Maack

  • Max Maack: German TV presenter, journalist, and author (born in 1962)
  • Anja Maack: German fashion designer (born in 1973)
  • Bill Maack: American activist, author, and public speaker (born in 1935)
  • Gary Maack: American professional golfer (born in 1962)
  • Johann Maack: German economist and professor of economics at the University of Göttingen (born in 1750)
  • Jens Maack: German actor, director, screenwriter (born in 1959)
  • Kai Maack: German TV and radio presenter (born in 1971)
  • Leonard Maack: German stage actor and singer (1851-1911)
  • Sam Maack: British Junior World Champion canoeist (born in 1985)
  • Willy Maack: German actor and jazz musician (born in 1906)

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