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Surname Maada - Meaning and Origin

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Maada: What does the surname Maada mean?

The surname Maada is of Ashanti origin, stemming from the Ashanti region of present-day Ghana, and it is believed to have derived from the word “ma,” meaning “chief.” The name was most likely given to those who were members of the Ashanti royal family, however the association has grown to become more of a sign of respect in present times. The name can be found among many different ethnicities and geographic regions, from Malawi to Côte d'Ivoire.

Those with the name Maada tend to be proud of their heritage; they often take on the qualities of a leader while maintaining the values of respectability. Individuals with the name Maada are known for their hardworking nature. They are passionate about their endeavors, and they strive to succeed in whatever they undertake. They also take pride in their close-knit family ties and find comfort in the presence of their loved ones.

Additionally, those with the surname Maada often possess an enduring sense of likely and determination. They may often face challenges in life, but they are able to remain confident in their abilities and face obstacles with courage and perseverance. Maada is also indicative of a resilient spirit, as members of this family persevere in the midst of difficult circumstances.

The name Maada holds several meanings, from “chiefly” to “quintessence of respectability”. Those who are fortunate enough to bear the name are proud to carry such a distinguished title. Moreover, with its connotations of hard work, resilience, and pride, the name Maada stands for someone with a strong character that will never give up, even in the face of adversity.

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Maada: Where does the name Maada come from?

The last name Maada is most commonly found in the West African nation of Sierra Leone. In the 2018 census, Maada was reported to be the third most common surname, making up almost 3.3% of the population. It is an ethnic Mende name, typically originating from the Mende people who live mainly in Southern Sierra Leone.

Maada is also common in other parts of West Africa such as Liberia, Guinea, and The Gambia, which were part of or influenced by the colonial British Empire of Sierra Leone, historically home to many Mende people.

The Mende are known to be a very powerful group of people, with a hierarchical but meritocratic social structure which prizes achievement. It is no wonder that the name itself has been made pervasive.

The origin stories of the name “Maada” could even date back to the 12th century when two brothers left their homeland of Nigeria and ventured through Gambia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, eventually settling in the south of Sierra Leone. It is believed that these brothers were called Maada and that their people settled in the area and adopted the name.

Today, the name Maada is still used to refer to people and places within Southern Sierra Leone, suggesting that the legacy of these bold brothers and their people continues to this day.

Variations of the surname Maada

The surname Maada is an ancient Irish name derived from the Gaelic ‘Maothadaidh’, which means “noble”. The variants and spellings of Maada surname can include:

Mada, Madae, Madah, Madai, Made, Maida, Maidi, Maidie, Mayda, and Maydie.

As the Maada surname spread to other continents like North America and Europe over the years, some variations of the surname emerged due to different linguistic influences in the region. These variations are:

Madae in Russia, Maddox in England, Madai in North America, Maddy in Scotland, Made in the Netherlands, and Maida in Australia.

Another variant of the Maada surname is Madaw which is common in India where it is generally associated with the community of Patidars.

Maada is also sometimes used as a first name. This is most commonly seen among the Hindu religion, where Maada is a male name meaning “fortune bringer”.

The surnames derived from the same origin as Maada include Maher, MacAdaim, MacAdoo, Maharry, Maddy, MacAdoo, Mahee, Mahoney, and Madigan.

All in all, the Maada surname has a wide variety of variants, spellings, and derived surnames that originate from the ancient Irish Gaelic.

Famous people with the name Maada

  • Mamoudou Maada Evento: He is an Ivorian-born French international baseball player.
  • Aboubacar Maada Bio: He is a prominent Ivorian politician who served as Prime Minister from 2007 to 2012 under President Laurent Gbagbo.
  • Ibrahim Maada Bio: He is an Guinean former football player and manager.
  • Malick Maada: He is a Senegalese television and radio personality, producer, and media executive.
  • Madjio Maada: He is a dbilikinto, or historical harbinger and royal herald, who leads the annual procession of the royal court at on the Casamance by playing drums, celebrating, and relaying court orders.
  • Abou Maada: He was a Senegalese boxer known for his speed and agility in the ring.
  • Mohamed Maada Bio: He is a Mauritanian international football player.
  • Mom Hamed Maada: He is a Mauritanian former football player.
  • Fatiha Maada: She is a French Olympic taekwondo champion.
  • Mabrouk Maada: He is a Tunisian former long-distance swimmer specialized in the 1500 metres freestyle.

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