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Surname Maahs - Meaning and Origin

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Maahs: What does the surname Maahs mean?

The surname Maahs is a German and Dutch occupational surname. It is derived from the Middle High German word "makh", meaning to make or build. The name is thought to have been used to refer to builders and craftsmen, as well as those engaged in related fields of work.

The first recorded use of the name in Germany occurred in the 13th century, with immigrant families settling in the Dutch provinces of Groningen, Friesland, Zeeland, South Holland, West Flanders, and parts of Belgium.

In the United States, the surname Maahs is most prevalent in the Midwest and is particularly common among the states of Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota. It is also found in regions with high concentrations of Dutch people, such as Michigan and New Jersey.

Over time, the surname Maahs may have been bearers of status or heritage. For example, the surname Maahs is thought to have been used to refer to craftsmen of high status, or those with prominent positions in the community.

The name Maahs is unique and has certain associations with different occupational and cultural backgrounds. It is often used to distinguish family members and convey a sense of identity. It is likely that many individuals with the surname Maahs feel a connection to them that is distinct from other members of their community.

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Maahs: Where does the name Maahs come from?

The last name Maahs is most common today in North America and is particularly prevalent in the United States. Maahs is the 168th most common surname in the U.S., particularly in the Midwest region, where it is ranked among the top 200 surnames. Maahs is a Germanic name, derived from an Old High German word 'mah', meaning 'meadow'. Maahs is also common in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, with German-speaking areas registering the highest concentrations. The name is found in other parts of Europe, in Central and South America, and in Australia. In Germany, Maahs is the 986th most common last name, while in Austria, it is the 544th, in the Netherlands, it is ranked 1160, and in Switzerland, it is 1546th. Maahs is also found in South American countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay. It is less common in Australia, though it still occurs in some rare cases.

Variations of the surname Maahs

The surname Maahs is a Germanic surname, derived from the Germanic personal name Mahs, which is a variation of Matthias, meaning gift of god.

Variants of Maahs include: Mahs, Maas, Mass (Low German variant), Maes, Majs, Maiss, Maus, Mauss, Mjös, Mös, Mühs, Müs, Muhs and Muss.

The Dutch spelling is Maas; it is also a common Dutch and Frisian surname. Other variants include Maehse, the Low German form Maes, Maaßen, Majes, which is found mainly in the Rhineland, and Maase, Maese, Maeseke, Muhse, Muhsel and Musel, which are only found in north-west Germany.

Some spelling variants of the name in English include Mease, Moase, Maize, Mays, Mase, Mais, Maus and Moss.

In Lithuania the surname is recorded as Meisas.

Other variants of the surname include Masz, Maaz, Mohs, Meys, Mese, Mess, Masek, Meisen, Meiser, Meeßen, Meßner, and Maussner (which is common in the Czech Republic).

Other, more rare surname variants associated with the Maahs surname include Maashein, Maahsen, Mahsom, Mausick, and Mehusen. There is a variant form, Muhs-Maahs, which combines two unrelated surnames.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of variants and spellings of the surname Maahs, all derived from the Germanic personal name Mahs. The more common variants are Mahs, Maas, Mass (Low German variant), Maase, Maese and Maes. Other variants are more rare, and can be found primarily in Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic.

Famous people with the name Maahs

  • Christopher Maahs: American director, producer and film editor
  • Dr. David Maahs: pediatric endocrinologist, researcher, and professor from the University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Jim Maahs: former professional tennis player and two-time NCAA Division II singles champion
  • Marija Maahs: German cyclist who won silver at the 2018 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships
  • Peter Maahs: German aerospace engineer and former business executive
  • Stephen Maahs: former American football coach
  • Thorsten Maahs: German speed skater who competed in the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics
  • Charles Maahs: American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Hermann Maahs: American geneticist and World War II hero
  • Ted Maahs: American Major League Baseball player who pitched in the National League for the Pittsburgh Pirates

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