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Surname Maana - Meaning and Origin

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Maana: What does the surname Maana mean?

Maana is a surname of Indian origin, specifically deriving from the northern regions of Punjab and Haryana. It is an ethnic surname common among several communities that are native to or have ancestry from the region, such as Arora, Jat, and Khatri.

The literal meaning of the word “maana” is “valuable” or “exalted”. It can also be interpreted as a sign of respect given to the individual with the surname. In some cases, it might also refer to an inherited title of nobility within the individual’s family or community.

The word “maana” appears to have its roots in Sanskrit, being derived from the words “mah”, meaning great, and “ana”, meaning respect. It is believed that this was an ancient Hindu tradition, where a great elder or a famous individual was given the honor of the surname “maana”. This name was also shared among multiple generations of the family, thus symbolic of a family’s respect for their ancestors.

In today’s times, the term “maana” is seen to be used in informal contexts, as a way to appreciate or show respect to someone important in an individual’s life. It has also come to signify a sense of social status and honour, synonymous with a path of growth and achievement.

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Maana: Where does the name Maana come from?

The last name Maana is primarily found in Arabic speaking countries, including the countries of Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. It is also sometimes seen in other countries with a large population of Arabic-speaking people, such as Turkey, Tajikistan, and Pakistan.

Within these countries, the last name Maana is mainly associated with families that have roots in the city of Maana. Maana is a city located in the region of Banias, Syria, and it is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world. Records show that the city was mentioned as early as 1700 BC, making it a source of both great pride and great heritage for those who carry the Maana surname.

The families of Maana can trace their lineage back to someone who left area as far back as unspecified. It is believed that at this moment in time, there are about 70 people across the world who share the Maana last name, distributed among many countries.

Despite its dispersion, those in possession of the Maana name are still recognized as an important part of the Banias region, where the Maana city sits. The Maana surname is seen as a symbol of Maana's rich historical past, and its people still look back fondly and proudly to the city it originated from.

Variations of the surname Maana

The surname Maana is commonly known to have its origin in the Spanish language. It is believed to have derived from the Latin term ‘manamus‘, which is a combination of two words that mean ‘power’ and ‘desire’.

The variant, spelling, and surname of this surname could be Mana, Mañá, and Manas.

Mana is the most popular of all the variants and is the most commonly seen spelling for the surname. This spelling is used in various parts of America, Europe, and also in Spanish-speaking countries.

Mañá is another variant of the same surname. It is a Spanish-language spelling and is used to spell this surname mostly in Spanish-speaking countries, and in other parts of the world by people with strong Spanish origin.

Manas is the last variant of the same surname. It is a Catalan variation of the same spelling and is mostly used in the Catalan-speaking countries and by Catalan-origin people in other parts of the world.

This surname has also been seen to transform into a few second surnames in different parts of the world. These include De Maana, di Maana, De Mana, di Mana, Maana-Galeano, Maana-Navarro, Mana-Romero, and Maana-Madrid. It is also seen written as Maana-Simon in some parts of South America.

The surname Maana is thus a popular surname that has its roots in the Latin term ‘manamus‘ and has a few popular variants and spellings as well as some second surnames derived from the same root.

Famous people with the name Maana

  • Joy Maana: Kenyan actress.
  • Vanessa Maana: Guatemalan writer.
  • Lawi Maana: Nigerian musician.
  • David Maana: South African tennis player.
  • Ceazar Maana: Panamanian football player.
  • Amra Maana: Russian model.
  • Ben Maana: British Paralympian.
  • Mohit Maana: Indian actor.
  • Ramon Maana: Argentine chef. 10.Chait Maana: Austrian painter. 11.Dylan Maana: American singer.
  • Vieno Maana: Finnish painter. 13.Freddy Maana: Costa Rican politician.
  • Kefa Maana: Zimbabwean Daviz Kabila Mpie musician.
  • Feruz Maana: Kazakhstani ice hockey player.

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