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Surname Maats - Meaning and Origin

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Maats: What does the surname Maats mean?

The last name Maats is a Dutch surname, deriving from the word mat or maten, meaning "measure or measurer." It is thought to have been originally an occupational surname for someone who measures materials or weights, or a person in charge of weights and measures. The earliest recorded use of the name was in the 13th century by a Matze van Medevelden, who was listed in the records of the Dutch municipality of Middelburg.

The surname Maats is still found mostly in the Netherlands, Belgium, as well as in other parts of Europe, including Russia and Germany. In modern times, the surname has grown in popularity due to its sound and Dutch citizens often refer to each other as “Maats,” even if they do not share the surname.

The name carries a sense of reliability and trustworthiness, due to the historical association with precision and accuracy. It can also denote strength and robustness—all traits which can be attributed to the Dutch people.

Overall, the last name Maats carries a history of patriotism, reliability, and trustworthiness. Its underlying meaning of "measure or measurer" speaks of an industry and precision, and its continued presence in Netherlands reflects the strong national identity of the Dutch people.

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Maats: Where does the name Maats come from?

The last name Maats is still a fairly common surname throughout Europe. It is especially common in the Netherlands, where it is the 22nd most common last name. Maats is also found in Belgium, where it is the 209th most common last name. It is also frequently encountered in Germany, where it is the 2,330th most common surname. Additionally, Maats is relatively common in parts of South America, particularly Argentina, where it is the 2,322nd most common last name.

In the United States, the last name Maats is less common. It is not present in the top 1000 last names in the country. Nonetheless, there are still many individuals with the surname Maats living in the US today, particularly in Texas, Florida, and New York.

The last name Maats appears to be of Dutch origin. It is thought to come from the Dutch word for "measurements" or "measures." However, other research suggests that it may come from the surname Mathus, which was particularly common in the Upper Rhine region of Germany.

The last name Maats is still found in many parts of the world today, though its distribution is disproportionate, with a much higher incidence in Europe than in the United States. It is likely of Dutch origin, but it may also have German connections.

Variations of the surname Maats

The surname Maats is derived from the Germanic roots ‘macht’ or ‘maht’ which mean ‘might’ or ‘power’. This surname has many variants, spellings, and additional surnames of the same origin. Some of these variants are Maat, Mat, Mats, Matchs, Matts, Maé, Mac, Macy, Mathee, Machet, Math, Mait, Mayt, Mayte, Mata, Mate, Matt, Matta, Mattheus, Matthiessen, Matthisen, Maute, Mete, and Moot.

Matheesen, Matthiesen, Mathesen, Mathiesen, Mateesen, Matesen, and Matz are also common spellings of the name. Additional surnames that share the same origin include Macchiato, Maghee, Mahaney, Mahoney, Mais, Majchszak, Majewski, Makey, Makhon, Mani, Mannas, Mari, Mayotte, Mayszak, and Mazzotta.

Many families who adopted this surname may have gotten it from an ancestor who held a position of power in their community at some point in time. This could have been because of a privileged status, or a high rank in the military. The surname could also have been used to distinguish a particular branch of a family where the men held prominent positions.

The names are most frequently found in Germany, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands. Yet, they are also found worldwide as a result of migration from Europe. The spelling variants of these names make it difficult to trace members of the same family. Though, DNA testing can be conducted to compare the haplogroups of potential family members.

Famous people with the name Maats

  • Pim Maats: Netherlands international football defender.
  • Jaap Maats: Dutch politician who was Minister for Traffic and Water Management from 1982 to 1989.
  • Christopher Maats: Dutch artist known for his works depicting the Dutch Golden Age.
  • Marije Maats: Dutch international swimmer who competed in the 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympics.
  • Nellie Maats: former Dutch television host at the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting.
  • Thomas Maats: Dutch footballer who played as defender for several clubs in the Netherlands.
  • Lorentz Maats: Dutch lawyer and the first chairman of the National Committee for the War Victims of 1940–1945.
  • Jan Maats: Dutch composer, pianist and vocalist known for his jazz, soul and funk music.
  • Maarten Maats: Dutch country musician who has released numerous albums and has been touring throughout the Netherlands for over three decades.
  • Reedsma Maats: Dutch comedian, radio and television host, radio DJ and actor.

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