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Unveiling My Celtic and Viking Heritage: A DNA Discovery of My Mabe Lineage

Family name Mabe

The iGENEA DNA test, centered around the Mabe ancestry, has substantially contributived to my understanding of my roots, revealing unexpected ties to Celtic tribes and Vikings, greatly impacting my self-perception.

I, like many, was previously uncertain about the complete picture of my family's history. This changed when I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through an iGENEA DNA test with special attention on my Mabe lineage. The results were nothing short of startling and enlightening. I discovered that my roots extend far beyond my original geographical limitations.

The most astonishing revelation was the origin of my ancestors. Contrary to popular assumptions amongst the Mabe family that we hailed exclusively from English and German ancestry, the iGENEA DNA test provided a broader perspective. It unveiled a DNA strain connecting my lineage back to Celtic tribes, suggesting an almost hitherto unknown Gaelic dimension to my heritage. This revealed my ancestors' migratory patterns, their alliances, and gave some notion of their living conditions. It unearthed a part of my ancestral past I had not expected.

Understanding my family's deeper roots in the Celtic world has reshaped my perception of self. I now appreciate my deeply ingrained love for art, nature, and storytelling as probable reflections of my Celtic roots. Discovering the profound Celtic connection also challenges my sense of identity. There's a part of me that is drawn to its mystical history, its heroes, and its complex tribal sociopolitics.

The iGENEA DNA test also presented the fact that quite a number of my ancestors were Vikings; something I had never anticipated. This brought into light a whole new level of fascination and pride to my lineage, as I learned of their reputation as invincible explorers, traders, and warriors.

Overall, the iGENEA DNA test has delivered an insightful interpretation of my past that has greatly influenced my self-understanding. It has made me more aware and accepting of the complex mosaic of cultures and influences that define me. It has created a profound sense of continuity and community with those who came before me – my ancestors – the Mabes.

H. Mabe

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