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Surname MacAvery - Meaning and Origin

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MacAvery: What does the surname MacAvery mean?

The last name MacAvery is an Irish surname that originated in Donegal, an area located in the northwest corner of Ireland. The name is derived from the Gaelic Mac an Mhaoir or Mac Amhrois which literally means "son of an heir" or "son of the worthy one".

MacAvery is anglicized from the original Irish surname, and is one of many Irish surnames beginning with "Mac". It is thought that the family who adopted this surname were descendants of a branch of the Ui Fiachrach Muaidhe clan, which lived in what is now Connemara, Galway, and Roscommon.

The MacAvery clan was known for its fierce loyalty to Ireland. During the time of the Penal Laws, hundreds of Catholics, including members of the MacAvery clan, were forced to emigrate to the United States and Canada in order to preserve their faith. These immigrants became known as the Scotch-Irish.

The MacAvery family continues to reside around the world today, with Americans holding this surname mainly residing in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Maryland. The presence of the MacAvery name can also be seen in Scotland, Ireland, and Canada. It is believed that the traditional occupation of this family was in farming, but many also worked as laborers, soldiers, and sailors.

The MacAverys are spread far and wide, but no matter where they are in the world, their Irish roots remain strong. To be a MacAvery is to be tied to a proud heritage and tradition of faith, loyalty, and strength.

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MacAvery: Where does the name MacAvery come from?

The last name MacAvery is most commonly found today in the Scottish highlands, particularly in the Western and Northern Isles. It is an ancient name, deriving from the Gaelic Mac an Airchinnich, which translates to mean "son of the elder". MacAverys were originally a family of great warriors, renowned for their courage and strength. Over the centuries, the family spread to different parts of Scotland and beyond. It's not uncommon to find MacAverys in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. From 1910-1920, there was a large number of MacAverys who immigrated to the US, mainly from Scotland and Ireland, where the name was more common.

Most people with the surname MacAvery today are of Scottish-Gaelic origin. It is sometimes spelled differently, such as McAvery, McAvary, and McAveray, though all are pronounced the same. The vast majority of the time, those bearing this name are of strong Scottish and Irish ancestry. In modern day Scotland, MacAverys are commonly seen in train stations, on the streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and in the small communities of the highlands and islands.

MacAverys are a proud, resourceful, and determined Scottish clan and are respected wherever they may be. They have a distinguished history and continue to live up to their reputation as brave warriors, bravely upholding their ancestral values.

Variations of the surname MacAvery

The surname MacAvery is commonly spelled and varianted in several ways, including McAvery, MacAvery, McAvary, McAvary, and McAvree. It is an Anglicised version of the Irish and Scottish Gaelic surname Mac an Mhailí, which means ‘son of the follower of’, usually referring to a descendant of a religious figure or leader. This surname was very common in Scotland during the 16th and 17th centuries.

There are also variants for the surname based on region, such as MacGeveran and MacGavery, which are both anglicised versions of the surname Mac Ghobhrain. Similarly, MacGeever and MacGahery are anglicised versions from the Irish surname Mac an Ghearradh, which translates to ‘the son of the hard man’.

In some cases, the popular MacAvery surname has been shortened to Mavery or Mavry. Additionally, MacAffrey is a derivation of Mac an Mhailí, which is still used in some parts of Scotland.

McCarey, McCalvey, and MacC563ly usually refer to clansman who found their way to Ireland rather than actual descendants of MacAvary lineages. These are variants of the Scottish and Irish surname MacFarlane and MacClure.

Finally, MacAvoy is an anglicised version of the Irish surnames Mac Mhaolmhuaidh. This name is derived from the personal name Maol mhoibh, which means ‘servent of the chief’. It is found mostly among families of the same clan who were located near the borders between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Famous people with the name MacAvery

  • Kendall MacAvery: Actress, known for her roles in television and stage.
  • Kathleen MacAvery: Canadian politician and former provincial court judge.
  • Denny MacAvery: American wheelmanship world record holder.
  • Nathaniel MacAvery: Vice Admiral in the British Royal Navy.
  • Gwen MacAvery: International championship skeet shooter.
  • Ronnie MacAvery: Professional rodeo barrel racer.
  • Lindsay MacAvery: Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Carson MacAvery: Prolific short story writer.
  • Peggy MacAvery: Celebrated women’s rights activist.
  • Iain MacAvery: Professional ice hockey player on the NHL's St. Louis Blues.
  • Richard MacAvery: Award-winning Broadway theater producer.
  • Joe MacAvery: Grammy-nominated bluegrass artist and mandolin player.
  • Rita MacAvery: Award-winning playwright.
  • Heather MacAvery: Australian marathon runner and world record holder.
  • Matthew MacAvery: Two-time Emmy Award-winning television producer.
  • Cal MacAvery: Country-western singer from Scotland.
  • Grant MacAvery: World-renowned health nutritionist and dietician.
  • Philip MacAvery: Award-winning documentary filmmaker.
  • Luna MacAvery: Lead vocalist in the indie rock band Velvet Garden.
  • Connor MacAvery: Olympic gold medalist in freestyle skiing.

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