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Surname MacAvinney - Meaning and Origin

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MacAvinney: What does the surname MacAvinney mean?

The last name MacAvinney is a popular Irish surname, derived from the Gaelic words ‘Mac Aonghusa’, which translates roughly to ‘son of Angus’. The family name is most commonly found in Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland and can be found among members of the Scottish Clan Gunn.

The meaning behind the name can be interpreted in multiple ways, but most commonly is seen to refer to strength and courage. Angus was known in Gaelic legend as a fearless leader, a mighty warrior and great protector.

Therefore, those carrying the MacAvinney surname can be seen to display traits such as strength, resilience, courage and loyalty. These traits are all essential for leading a successful life and often are found in abundance among people who are proud of their heritage.

Overall, the MacAvinney surname is associated with fortitude, bravery and leadership, all of which can be seen as admirable qualities. As evidenced by its prevalence across Ireland and Scotland, it is clear that the MacAvinney family plays an important role in the identity of these nations.

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MacAvinney: Where does the name MacAvinney come from?

The last name MacAvinney is most commonly found in Ireland and is of Irish origin. It has been present in the country since the 16th century, when it was first recorded in County Mayo. In terms of modern distribution, the most populous areas with MacAvinney surnames are in counties Galway and Mayo, followed by Wexford, Cork, Kildare, Meath, Derry, Limerick, Belfast and Down.

Within the United States, MacAvinney is not as populous, but is commonly found in states with a high Irish heritage such as New York and Massachusetts. More recently, the name has travelled further to states in the Pacific Northwest, such as Oregon and Washington.

Various branches of the MacAvinney family have come about due to immigration to other countries, as well as various spellings of the name. For example, MacAviney and MacAvinee, which are often found in Atlantic Canada.

It appears that the MacAvinney name is still quite strong in Ireland, with it still present in many counties throughout the country. It has also spread to some places in the United States and Canada. The surname is continually evolving as descendants of the original Irish families are scattered around the world.

Variations of the surname MacAvinney

MacAvinney is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic surname Mac Aonghusa, an old patronymic name in honour of the legendary Aonghus, the god of love. The variations in spelling and pronunciation of the MacAvinney surname reflect its Irish origins.


The variations in spelling of MacAvinney include McAvinney, McAviney, Macavinney, Macavinny, and MacAviney. Different branches of the family may have adopted different spellings of the surname over the years, much like with other Irish surnames.


In addition to the various spellings of MacAvinney, there are also a few unexpected variants of the surname. For example, it can be spelled as MacAveney and MacAveny. This could be the result of an anglicization of the original Gaelic form of the surname or perhaps the result of an unfamiliarity with the Gaelic spelling.


The various forms of MacAvinney can also be found in other surnames derived from the original Gaelic version. Some of these include Avingey, Avinge, Avigney, Avigny, and Aveingey. These variants may have arisen due to regional differences in pronunciation or because of a family's desire to try and distinguish their own branch from others that have the same surname.

All in all, MacAvinney is an old Irish surname with many variants, spellings, and related surnames. These variations are reflective of the rich history of the name and its Irish origin.

Famous people with the name MacAvinney

  • Gene MacAvinnney: Actor who has appeared in films such as Ghost Town, Get Smart and The Astronaut's Wife.
  • Michael MacAvinney: Actor who has appeared in films such as The Last Starfighter, Repo Man and Splatter University.
  • Howard MacAvinney: Former professional basketball player.
  • Finlay MacAvinney: Member of the Canadian punk band The Tragically Hip.
  • Kelly MacAvinney: Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Alexander MacAvinney: Screenwriter and author of Oyster War.
  • Colin MacAvinney: Canadian actor and performer best known for voice work on the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Alan MacAvinney: Art Director for TV and film, with credits including Dead Ringers, True Blood and The Hunger Games.
  • Ann MacAvinney: Fantasy author, whose works include books such as Red Heart, The Vampire of New England, and The Long Journey Home.
  • Adrian MacAvinney: Stand-up comedian and actor, best known for his role as "Manny" in the sketch comedy series Kroll Show.

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