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Surname MacCadden - Meaning and Origin

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MacCadden: What does the surname MacCadden mean?

The last name MacCadden is a Scottish and Irish surname originating from the old Gaelic words Mac Cadáin, meaning “son of Cadán.” It derives from a Gaelic personal name meaning “warrior” or “fighter.” The MacCadden family is believed to have descended from the Old Irish Clan Cadáin, which descended from Lorcan mac Lugdach, King of Leinster in the early 11th century. This would make the MacCadden family one of the oldest surviving dynasties in recorded history.

The MacCadden family have a long and rich history in Ireland and Scotland, having lived in certain areas for centuries and playing sizeable roles in their local cultures. In Scotland, the highest concentration of MacCaddens is around Aberdeen, with the surname being first recorded in Scotland in the 13th century. In modern times, MacCadden families are scattered around the world, but many remain in the British Isles.

The MacCadden surname appears to be rather uncommon even in the British Isles, given its limited region of distribution and scarcity in the records. Nevertheless, it is recognized internationally and carries a deep significance and a long and proud history. For many, the name MacCadden is a source of pride and honor, as it represents a proud lineage of fiercely determined individuals.

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MacCadden: Where does the name MacCadden come from?

The last name MacCadden is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly Scotland. In fact, it is the 11th most common surname in Scotland. The name has its origins in the Gaelic surname Mac Cadain, which means 'son of Cadan'. The forename Cadan likely derives from the old Irish name Cathan.

In addition to the UK, MacCadden can also be found in other English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Throughout the English-speaking world, the surname is quite rare, although it does exist. For example, the United States Census Bureau lists MacCadden as the 26,788th most common surname in the country.

As for other countries, MacCadden is not a particularly common surname. Although, people of Irish heritage may be more likely to encounter it in places like Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

Overall, the name MacCadden is most commonly found in the rural areas of Scotland, along with its diaspora around the English-speaking world.

Variations of the surname MacCadden

The surname MacCadden is a Scottish name of Gaelic origin. It is also spelled as MacCadden, MacCaddin, and MacCaddan. These spellings are all set by the same root, which is the Gaelic Mac Cadáin. Variants of the MacCadden surname are MacKeddan, MacKiddin, MacGeddan, and MacGiddin. It is also sometimes spelled as MacCaddell or MacCadill.

The surname MacCadden may also be found in other parts of the world, as it has also been adopted in other languages. In Ireland, it may also be spelled as MacCadden, MacCadain, MacCaidhean, Mhaccadain, or MacCaidhin. In England, it may also appear as MacKeddon, MacKidden, Makkeddon, or MacKaddon.

The derivative surnames of MacCadden are found in Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, the Isle of Man, and Canada. These include MacCaden, MacCadow, MacCoaden, MacCudden, and MacCadden.

The MacCadden surname probably gained a different spelling during its migration around the world. In areas such as Canada, this surname may now be written as MacCaden, MacCaddow, MacKeddon, or MacKadden and this spelling is found in Maritime Provinces, Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. The Scottish spelling Cadden is also common in Canada.

Famous people with the name MacCadden

  • Ben MacCadden: Ben MacCadden is a British writer, director, producer, and actor, best known for his 2019 comedy-drama film Pernicious, which won the Best Comedy Feature at the Austin Revolution Film Festival.
  • Brian MacCadden: Brian MacCadden is a multi award-winning Irish singer-songwriter who has released four studio albums. He has toured extensively in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.
  • Jock MacCadden: Jock MacCadden is a Los Angeles-based author, speaker, and consultant. He is the author of multiple self-help books and has lectured at the Wharton School of Business, Harvard Business School, and TEDx.
  • Juliette MacCadden: Juliette MacCadden is an Australian television presenter, radio host, and model. She is the host of Network 10's The Loop, a lifestyle series which focuses on the latest in fashion, beauty, health, fitness and travel.
  • Mary MacCadden: Mary MacCadden is an Emmy nominated casting director and producer, known for Arrested Development, The Kids Are All Right, and The Good Place.
  • Miles MacCadden: Miles MacCadden is an American professional rally driver who has won 19 championships and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • Oriana MacCadden: Oriana MacCadden is a British artist known for her pop-influenced mixed media works. She has exhibited and collaborated with international galleries and museums including the Walker Art Center.
  • Patrick MacCadden: Patrick MacCadden is an actor, producer and musician best known for appearing in Steven Spielberg’s 2018 sci-fi motion picture Ready Player One.
  • Sean MacCadden: Sean MacCadden is a Senior Writer at BuzzFeed News, where he covers politics, culture, and food. He also contributes to The Atlantic and The New York Times Magazine.
  • Susan MacCadden: Susan MacCadden is an American civil rights attorney and the founder of the Courageous Voices Project, which seeks to focus on restoring the balance of power in our society by amplifying the voices of everyday people.

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