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Surname MacCafferky - Meaning and Origin

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MacCafferky: What does the surname MacCafferky mean?

The surname MacCafferky is believed to be of Irish or Scottish origin, and is thought to be derived from the ancient Gaelic surname MacCaffaraidh. The Gaelic ‘Mac’ and ‘O’ prefix, used before a surname, means ‘son of’ or ‘descendant of’, while the stem of the name, Cafferky, can have several possible meanings. In Old Gaelic, it is thought to mean ‘the son of the man from the rock’, but in modern Gaelic it may be used to describe a person as being brave or fearless.

The MacCafferky surname can be found around the world today, but it is most commonly found in the United States, Canada, and Scotland. The majority of those who hold the MacCafferky surname today are thought to be descended from Scottish Highlanders of the 17th and 18th centuries, although some may have originated in Ireland, as well.

For centuries, this surname has been carried down, passed from generation to generation, and even though the original meaning of the name has been lost through the years, it still carries a deep-rooted connection to the Scottish and Irish heritage of the original family. The name MacCafferky stands for bravery, strength, courage, and tenacity.

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MacCafferky: Where does the name MacCafferky come from?

The last name MacCafferky is still found in many parts of the world today, though its prevalence varies by geographical region. The most common country of origin is Scotland, which still sees the last name in large numbers, particularly in Aberdeenshire, where the name is said to have originated. The Irish are also likely to have MacCafferky amongst their ranks, given the strong diaspora ties between the two countries over the centuries.

Elsewhere, the last name has spread to the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Immigration during the grand era of the British Empire is likely to have played a part in the diaspora, with many people leaving the islands in the nineteenth century to seek better opportunities or a more prosperous future.

As of 2021, the last name continues to grow and is still relatively common in North America and parts ofit Europe. Scotland remains its stronghold, while the United States census recorded a significant density of MacCafferky in Florida, specifically in the cities of Jacksonville and Pensacola. Clusters of the last name can also be found in sizable quantities in other US states, such as Virginia, the Carolinas, and New York. Its presence in the United States is therefore significant but not overwhelming.

Variations of the surname MacCafferky

The MacCafferky surname has a few variants and spellings, such as MacCaffery, Caffery, MacCaffry, MacCaffery, Cafferky, and Caffry.

It is believed that the MacCafferky surname originated from the old Gaelic name MacCaffry. This can be translated as "son of Caffer", but the meaning is unknown.

The surname has been found in a variety of locations in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States.

In Scotland, the MacCafferky spelling was quite common in the 1800s. In Ireland, the Caffery spelling was used, while in the United States, the most popular spelling is MacCaffery.

The MacCafferky surname is also found in the form of the variant MacCafferty. This spelling is most often found in rural areas of Scotland and Ireland, and it is believed to be derived from the Irish MacCaffrach, which means "son of the brave one".

It is also possible that the MacCafferky surname could have arisen from other surnames, such as the English McCaffrey, the Irish MacCaffry, the Italian Caffera, the French Caffery, or even the Norse Caffle.

Regardless of the origin, the MacCafferky surname is still seen in both its original form and in its various variants and spellings today. These spellings can be found in both Scotland, Ireland, and the United States, and can be used to trace the family's heritage and lineage.

Famous people with the name MacCafferky

  • Cara MacCafferky: A popular Canadian journalist and television broadcaster
  • Daphne MacCafferky: An American poet and fiction writer
  • David MacCafferky: A noted former Irish politician
  • Hugh MacCafferky: An American actor, most known for his roles in the popular television series, Heroes
  • Jane MacCafferky: A renowned Canadian opera singer
  • Jeff MacCafferky: A former professional basketball player
  • John MacCafferky: An American music producer and sound engineer
  • Louis MacCafferky: A prominent American golfer
  • Mara MacCafferky: A well-known Indian painter
  • Michael MacCafferky: A highly respected British scientist
  • Patrick MacCafferky: A notable British architect
  • Stephen MacCafferky: An acclaimed Canadian author

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