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Surname MacCahane - Meaning and Origin

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MacCahane: What does the surname MacCahane mean?

The last name MacCahane is a very old name of Gaelic roots. It is derived from the Gaelic term Mac Cathanach, which means “son of the warrior”. This name dates back to the 10th century, when it was popular amongst individuals of strong lineage in Ireland and Scotland.

It was often given to people who were known for being brave, courageous, and honorable. This was due to the high value of skills such as combat that were associated with warriors during this time period. Today, this surname still retains its same meaning of being warrior-like and is a common name amongst those with Irish heritage.

Individuals with this name are often proud of their Gaelic roots and take on the warrior-like characteristic from their origin of this name. This includes bravery, pride, protection for the vulnerable, and standing up for justice. As such, it is not unusual to find individuals with this name who value courage and strength.

In modern times, the MacCahane surname is a source of pride for many individuals; not only for its Gaelic roots and associated character traits, but for its long-standing usage throughout centuries. Those who possess this surname are often proud to have it, wearing it with a sense of honor for its history and the many warriors it once represented.

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MacCahane: Where does the name MacCahane come from?

The last name MacCahane is a popular name in Ireland. It is a sept of the O'Connor clan, and some branches of the sept may also spell their name MacCahan. Historically, they were also mainly found in southern and western parts of Ireland.

The name MacCahane is believed to be of Norman origin and is derived from the Gaelic words 'MacRobhatais', which literally translates as 'son of Roger'. The history of this name is extremely old going back thousands of years.

Today, MacCahane is a popular surname in Ireland, with the most common spelling, MacCahan, ranking as the 31st most popular surname in the country. Outside Ireland, the name is most popular in Britain and the USA. In Britain, there were just under 700 people recorded with MacCahane as a surname in the most recent census, while the corresponding figure for the US was 2316.

More widely, people with the last name MacCahane can be found all over the world, though with smaller populations. This includes countries such as Canada, Australia, Ecuador, and South Africa. Generally, people with a MacCahane surname are likely to have some degree of Irish ancestry.

Variations of the surname MacCahane

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname MacCahane include:

MacCahill, MacCaughan, MacCaughey, MacCaughney, MacCaw, MacCawe, MacChane, MacChayn, MacChayne, MacKain and MacKane.

The two spellings, MacCahane and MacCaughan, are basically interchangeable and derive from the same Iroquoian form Makaan (meaning ‘proud’) which was found in the Delaware tribal language. MacCahane is an anglicized version of the spelling, providing a bridge between Gaelic, Welsh and French-speaking immigrants in the United States.

The MacCahanes are mainly found in Scotland, in the counties of Killyleagh, Belfast, and Antrim, where according to the International Genesre database, the name was used without much change over a long period of time. It is also possible to find the name primarily in the Irish counties of Dublin, Donegal, Derry, Belfast, Fermanagh and Sligo.

There is also a strong presence of MacCahanes in the US, including in recent immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Specifically, the states with the highest number of individuals bearing this surname are Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Michigan, California and Texas.

The vast majority of people with the surname MacCahane have Irish heritage, however due to the different spellings and surnames of the same origin it is possible that some other countries may have also adopted the name through immigration. In such cases, the person's true origin probably would remain unconfirmed without knowledge of the original spelling of the name.

Famous people with the name MacCahane

  • Shane MacGowan: English/Irish singer-songwriter and musician.
  • Marcus MacCahane: Australian professional golfer.
  • Cormac MacCahane: Irish football referee.
  • Laurie MacCahane: Scottish singer and songwriter.
  • Liam MacCahane: Irish actor.
  • Martina MacCahane: New Zealand actress, model, and TV host.
  • Andrew MacCahane: British artist and illustrator.
  • Robert MacCahane: Scottish zoologist and professor.
  • Sheena MacCahane: Canadian musician and songwriter.
  • Sean MacCahane: American actor and filmmaker.
  • John MacCahane: Canadian ice hockey coach and broadcaster.
  • Eddie MacCahane: British stand-up comedian.
  • Kian MacCahane: American singer and songwriter.
  • Carlene MacCahane: Canadian actor and singer.
  • Bryce MacCahane: American voice actor.
  • Paddy MacCahane: Irish singer-songwriter and composer.
  • Denis MacCahane: Scottish writer and humorist.
  • Ebony MacCahane: English singer and actress.
  • Maureen MacCahane: Canadian poet and artist.
  • Barry MacCahane: Irish journalist and author.

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