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Surname MacCahill - Meaning and Origin

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MacCahill: What does the surname MacCahill mean?

The last name MacCahill is a Scottish Gaelic surname of medieval origins that is quite popular in Ireland and Scotland. The name is derived from the Gaelic MacCathmhaoil, which is a compound of two words: Cathmhaoil, meaning 'battle proud' or 'victorious in battle', and mac, which means 'son of' or 'descendant of'.

The MacCahill family held a high social status in medieval Scotland and Ireland and served as powerful warriors and landowners. They were known as the 'Lords of Clan Cahill' during this time, and their original ancestral home was in today's County Meath in Ireland.

The MacCahill clan flourished in its early days, and members of the family earned great honor and wealth through their military achievements. Over time, the MacCahill family branched out to other regions of Scotland and Ireland and lost some of their power. Throughout history, MacCahills have had a strong presence in the Scots-Irish community.

The name MacCahill is still very popular in Scotland and Ireland today, with many still proudly bearing their hereditary surname. The MacCahills of today are a testament to their ancestors of long ago, a proud people standing firm through the ages.

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MacCahill: Where does the name MacCahill come from?

The last name MacCahill is primarily found in Ireland. Specifically, it is still in use in counties Mayo, Galway, Donegal, and Down as well as other areas depending on the family’s origin. The surnames MacCahill and its variant spellings (MacCail, MacKayle, etc.) are derived from the Gaelic Mac Cathail which means “son of Cathal”. This was a personal name meaning “mighty in combat” and was a popular one stemming from the 12th century.

In addition to Ireland, the last name MacCahill is found in other countries and regions worldwide due to migration of the Irish diaspora. Australia and the United States are two countries with a sizable population of MacCahills.

Furthermore, MacCahills can be found in Canada, Mexico, South America, New Zealand, and Europe. Another area with a significant presence of MacCahill’s is the Caribbean, and sectors of the United Kingdom also have notable numbers. In addition, there are likely more undiscovered MacCahills throughout the diaspora.

MacCahills have distinguished themselves in every aspect of life. From politics to sports, academia, the arts, and business, they have made their mark in a variety of industries, leaving a lasting impression and continuing their legacy for generations to come.

Variations of the surname MacCahill

The surname MacCahill is a derivation of the Irish surname “Mac Cathmhaoil.” The MacCahill spelling is the original Gaelic spelling of the name, but the modern spelling may vary slightly due to shifting pronunciation.

Variant spellings of MacCahill include MacCathmhaoil and MacCahil. It is also often Anglicized as McCahill, McCahil, McKahill, and MacCaul.

Variants of the name within Scotland are MacKahill, McCoill, McOill and MacColl. Alternatives in France are MacHael, MacCaule, MacQuill and MacCuel.

The MacCahill name has also become associated with multiple surnames over time. The name has been used interchangeably with other Irish surnames such as MacNihil, MacKahill, MacKully, MacCool, MacCahal, and MacCahill, and often emerges in records and documents under various spellings. In some cases, a surname derived from the MacCahill family may end up being adopted as a first name by later generations.

The MacCahill family was prominent in Co. Donegal, in northern Ireland, during the 17th century, and they continue to be a well-known surname throughout Ireland and beyond. The various spelling and surnames of MacCahill are linked by their Gaelic origin, and many suggest a common ancestor in the area where the name is most common.

Famous people with the name MacCahill

  • David MacCahill: Australian YouTuber, actor, and television presenter.
  • MJ MacCahill: American zoologist.
  • Brian MacCahill: Irish footballer, currently playing with Limerick.
  • John MacCahill: Former American basketball coach.
  • Heather MacCahill: Canadian activist and entrepreneur.
  • Rebecca MacCahill: British actress and playwright.
  • Gillian MacCahill: Canadian artist and former teacher.
  • Thomas MacCahill: Irish actor and comedian.
  • James MacCahill: British singer and politician.
  • Jack MacCahill: Australian professional golfer.
  • Richie MacCahill: Irish hurler and member of Clare County Board.
  • Christy MacCahill: American entrepreneur and founder of the Concierge Association.
  • Willie MacCahill: American selection-type racehorse trainer.
  • Charlie MacCahill: Scottish actor, director, and screenwriter.
  • Richard MacCahill: American singer and poet.
  • Henderson MacCahill: American blues musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Lexi MacCahill: English actress and model.
  • Bobby MacCahill: Irish Gaelic footballer playing for Mayo GAA.
  • Ian MacCahill: Canadian hockey player, former NHL defenceman.
  • Vic MacCahill: Australian rugby league footballer.

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