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Surname MacCoskar - Meaning and Origin

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MacCoskar: What does the surname MacCoskar mean?

The last name MacCoskar is an anglicized variant of the Gaelic name Mac Oiscir, which is still found in parts of Ireland. It is derived from the Irish words “mac” (meaning “son of”) and “oiscir” (meaning “helpful”). The MacCoskar surname was likely first borne by a person who was known for his helpfulness, spreading good will throughout the community.

The MacCoskar surname is believed to have originated from County Monaghan in north-central Ireland. It is thought to have been established in the 17th century and to have had multiple spellings over the course of its history. In addition to MacCoskar, the surname can be found anglicised as Mackaskar, MacCasker, and MacCaskill.

The MacCoskar surname is fairly rare, with the name having been carried by fewer than 150 people in Ireland today. The name can also occasionally be found in Scotland, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

As befitting the meaning of their name, those who bear the surname of MacCoskar are often conscientious and kind individuals. They are considered even-tempered and charming, with a focus on helping and supporting those in their community. MacCoskars are known for their loyalty and dependability and can often be relied upon to provide a listening ear and words of kind advice to all those around them.

Famous people with the name MacCoskar

  • Paul MacCasker: actor who's best known for appearing in the TV series 'Banshee' and 'Godless'.
  • Lee MacCasker: singer/songwriter, predominantly in the country and folk genres.
  • Gail MacCasker: award-winning chef and restaurateur, known for her restaurants in the New York City area.
  • Tim MacCasker: Olympic speed skater who won bronze in the 5,000 meter event at the 1992 Winter Olympics.
  • John MacCasker: businessman and former financial advisor.
  • Alan MacCasker: Australian rules footballer who is best remembered for his time playing for the Sydney Swans.
  • Stuart Thom MacCasker: professional golfer who won two Professional Golfers' Association tournaments in 1995.
  • Sarah MacCasker: actress and comedian, best known as one of the main cast members of the sketch comedy show 'Big Night Out'. 9.Bringham MacCasker: professional basketball player, who played for the Orlando Magic and was named to several all-star teams.
  • Kylie MacCasker: Australian fashion model, best known for her numerous magazine spreads and runway appearances.

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