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Surname MacHutcheon - Meaning and Origin

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MacHutcheon: What does the surname MacHutcheon mean?

The last name MacHutcheon is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic surname MacHucain, meaning 'son of Hugh.' It comes from the Gaelic name 'Mac' (meaning 'son of') and the personal name 'Hugh,' which comes from the Old Germanic name 'Hugo' meaning 'mind, heart, spirit.'

The MacHutcheons were once prominent in the area around Loch Lomond, and artifacts found there show that they had been in the area since before the 8th century. They even had their own stronghold back then, located on the island of Inchconnachan.

The MacHutcheons were known for their tough and loyal demeanor, which made them a sought-after clan to lead in warfare. They were also associated with a mythical sea creature, the Each Uisge, which in Gaelic is 'Water Horse.' The creature was said to have been awarded to the MacHutcheons by St. Columba and is said to still exist in the Loch of the MacHutcheons.

It is believed that the MacHutcheon clan was quite influential during the middle ages, when the MacDonalds ruled Glencoe and they were even able to successfully defy the 3rd Earl of Argyll in 1614.

The MacHutcheon are still around today and are widely spread around the world, some even still living in Scotland.

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MacHutcheon: Where does the name MacHutcheon come from?

The last name MacHutcheon is most commonly found in Scotland today. However, over the centuries, it has been adopted by people of other countries and ethnicities as well. The name is derived from the MacEachan or MacEachain clans from the province of Argyll, Scotland. As a result, it is most common in Scotland and other parts of the British Isles such as England, Wales, and Ireland.

Families with the last name MacHutcheon can also be found in the United States, Canada, and Australia. This is likely due to the migrations of Scottish settlers to these countries during the 19th century. In the US, the name is most common in the southern states of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia.

Variants of the name MacHutcheon include MacHutchen, MacHutchan, and MacHutchon. Numerous other spellings exist, such as MacHutchins, MacHuchen, and MacHutchenson, and these may be due to changing of the Irish and Highland Scottish accents when recording the name by clerks.

People with the last name MacHutcheon are upholders of a long and proud Scottish heritage and tradition. Its presence in families across the world gives people the chance to connect and share in this heritage and their shared ancestry.

Variations of the surname MacHutcheon

The surname MacHutcheon is a Scottish variant of the Irish surname Mac an Chuirín, meaning “son of the small standing one”. It is also sometimes spelled as MacHutchan, and there are a variety of other surnames with the same origin, such as MacHuibhrich (Gaelic spelling) and MacCurrie (Anglicized spelling).

Other spellings of the original surname Mac an Chuirín include MacCuirín, MacCurreen, MacCurren, MacCureen, MacHutcheon, MacHuibhrich, McKirkries, and MacKirge. The latter two spellings originate from Northern Ireland and are rarer than the others.

Variants of MacHutcheon include: Machuchan, MacHuibhrich, MacCureen, Machurrin, MacCuirrin, MacCurren, and MacKirge. These spellings are typically found in Ireland, Scotland, or North America.

Surnames that are derivatives of MacHutcheon include: Hutcheon, Huchane, Hutchon, Hutchanes, Hutcheon, Hutchens, and Hutcheson.

The surname MacHutcheon has been documented in many parts of the world, including Scotland, Ireland, North America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is often associated with Clans MacLellan and MacNaughton, and is also carried by several prominent historical figures, such as Rev. Dr. John MacHutcheon (1850-1917), a Canadian minister and co-founder of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

In conclusion, the surname MacHutcheon is of Irish origins, has various spellings, and has several variants and derivative surnames. It is common in Scotland, Ireland, North America, Australia, and New Zealand, and is associated with Clans MacLellan and MacNaughton as well as prominent figures such as Rev. Dr. John MacHutcheon.

Famous people with the name MacHutcheon

  • Mackenzie MacHutcheon: American voice actress and ADR script writer.
  • David MacHutcheon: Former professional rugby league footballer from Scotland.
  • Duncan MacHutcheon: Scottish rugby union footballer who played for Scotland.
  • Sam MacHutcheon: Scottish cricketer who played international cricket for Scotland.
  • Chris MacHutcheon: American professional baseball player.
  • Liam MacHutcheon: Canadian ProfessionalNFL wide receiver.
  • Eric MacHutcheon: Canadian video game designer and producer.
  • Rob MacHutcheon: Canadian Professional NHL forward.
  • Shane MacHutcheon: Australian former professional basketball player.
  • Scott MacHutcheon: South African award-winning wildlife photographer.

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