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Surname Macias - Meaning and Origin

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Macias: What does the surname Macias mean?

The last name Macias, also spelled Macías, is a patronymic surname which originated in Spain. The name is derived from the given name Matías, the Spanish form of Matthew. Matías is ultimately derived from the Hebrew name Mattityahu, meaning "gift of God."

The name Macias is believed to date back to the 16th century, when it was found primarily in the Castile region of northern Spain. It could have been a topographic surname, derived from the word maciá, which refers to a small valley (or ravine) between two highlands. It could also be a patronymic name; the ending '-ias' is seen in certain Spanish names such as Ambrosio, Melchor and Dimas.

The surname Macias is highly represented in Mexico, particularly in the states of Coahuila and Veracruz. It is also a common surname in the Americas, due to the Spanish colonization of the region. The surname is also found in parts of the United States where there are large Spanish-speaking populations, such as Florida, California and Texas.

In the United States, the surname Macias is found in states as diverse as California, New York, Florida, Texas and Illinois; in terms of numbers, it is in the top 150 surnames in the US. The name Macias is also prevalent in most Latin American countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

The last name Macias is indicative of a Spanish or Latin American heritage; however, the original meaning of the name has been lost over many centuries and is no longer associated with a specific geographical region or culture.

Macias: Where does the name Macias come from?

The last name Macias is primarily associated with Spanish-speaking countries, particularly Spain and Mexico. It is one of the more common last names in countries that make up the Spanish-speaking world.

In Mexico, Macias is ranked as the 199th most common last name in the country, as published in the General Archive of the Nation. This makes it one of the more popular and widely spread family names in Mexico.

In Spain, the last name Macias is the 45th most common last name. There are roughly 500,000 people who bear this surname, making it a popular one in the country.

The Macias last name can also be found in other places around the world, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. In countries such as the United States, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, the last name Macias can be found, albeit not in large concentrations.

The surname is derived from the Latin word "mattia", meaning "gift of God". The name is also found in various forms including Macías, Mácias, Maciá and Maicus.

Variations of the surname Macias

Macias is a surname of Spanish origin. In Spanish, Macías is the Spanish adaptation of the patronymic, Macíus, derived from the personal name Macio, which is a pet form of the Latin name Maximus. Variants of the surname Macias include Macías, Machías, Macíaz, Macíaz, Maciás, Macion, Maçias, Maçíaz, and Maceiós.

In Portugal and its former colonies, the name Macias is spelled Machado. The Portuguese language spelling of the name is made of two words: “mao” for hand and “cio” for snow. In Galicia, a region in north-western Spain, the name Machado is sometimes used instead of Macias.

In Italy, the surname Macias is sometimes rendered as Maccioni or Macciono. In French, the surname Macias is sometimes spelled Mazières or Mazella.

The surname Macias has many other alternate spellings and variants, and can also be used as a given name. In Mexico, Macías has become a surname in its own right, believed to be derived from the name Santiago. In the Basque Country, it is sometimes spelled Machi. In the United States, the surnames Macias and Mace have become interchangeable. The surname Macias often becomes Macey, Macy, Mac, Mackee and Mackey when anglicized. Variants of the surname Macias in Italy, Portugal and Spain include Maceñio, Maci, Maciolo, Macio, Macisu, Macius, Macíus, Macu, Macul, and Maculas.

The surname Macias has spread to many other countries, including Germany, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, and among other nations that were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In Hungary, the surname is spelled Maczó. In Ukraine and Russia, it is spelled Maczko or Machko. In Finland, the surname is spelled Makia. In France, it is written Macia and Mazière. In Sweden, Macias is spelled Maczewski.

Famous people with the name Macias

  • Priscilla Macías, international beauty pageant titleholder and Latina activist
  • Yonathan Macías, professional Venezuelan footballer
  • Carlos Macías, Chilean musician, singer, and songwriter
  • Héctor Macías, Cuban judoka
  • Eduardo Macías, Uruguayan footballer
  • Angelo Macías, former Ecuadorian basketball player
  • Rodolfo Macías, Mexican footballer
  • Juan Carlos Macías, Chilean footballer
  • Joaquín Macías Trinidad, Mexican politician
  • Ovidio Macías, Spanish choreographer and artist
  • Ruth Macías, Mexican-American singer-songwriter
  • Tano Macías, Spanish comedian and actor
  • Wendy Macías, Brazilian model
  • Maximiliano Macías, Mexican biochemist
  • Eduardo Macías, Chilean actor, comedian, and screenwriter
  • Rafael Macías, Mexican singer and songwriter
  • Cándida Macías, Venezuelan television presenter
  • Lissette Macías, Venezuelian singer
  • Alexis Macías, Spanish basketball player
  • Joaquín Macías, Peruvian musician

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