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Surname MacManuse - Meaning and Origin

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MacManuse: What does the surname MacManuse mean?

The surname MacManuse is derived from the Gaelic name MacMhuirnnis, which translates as “son of the sea warrior”, and was likely a reference to an ancestor who had a reputation for skill in naval battles. This name, and variations on it, was carried by many Irish families as far back as the 15th century, and likely much earlier.

In Ireland, it was not uncommon for families to have multiple surnames, with one derived from the father’s and another from the mother’s name. It is likely in this way that the surname MacManuse became more widespread. The name was most regularly found in County Sligo and surrounding areas in the north-west of Ireland, and took root in these regions and over time.

Today, the name MacManuse can still be found around the world, although it is most commonly found in the UK and the USA due to the high level of emigration between these countries and Ireland during the 19th century. For those who still carry the name, it can be a great source of pride, representing the ongoing story of their ancestors and a reminder of their heritage.

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MacManuse: Where does the name MacManuse come from?

The MacManuse surname is particularly common in Ireland, where it originated. The spelling of the name varies, with the most common being MacManus, and some branches use the variants MacMannus, MacManco, and MacMannise. In addition, variants are found in America due to the emigration of MacManuses from Ireland during the 19th century.

The highest concentration of MacManuses today is in the Irish counties of Leitrim and Donegal. There are also a significant number of MacManuses living in Northern Ireland, particularly in County Tyrone. In the Republic of Ireland, the largest county with MacManuses is County Mayo.

Away from Ireland, MacManuses have spread all over the world, particularly to Australia, the United States, and England. In the United States, states with large numbers of MacManuses include Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York.

The MacManuse surname is still fairly common today and likely to survive in the years to come as people of Irish heritage move to both new and established communities around the world.

Variations of the surname MacManuse

The surname MacManuse is of Irish origin and is sometimes spelled as MacManus, Mac manuse, Mac Manus in both Ireland and Britain. It is derived from the Gaelic name MacMhuiris which literally means “son of Muiris.”

Variants of MacManuse can include Manus, Manusse, McManus, Mannus, McManusse, Mannus, Manas, MacManuse, Manashe, McManusse, MacManuss, MacManisse, MacManes, MacManos, MacMannus, and MacManses.

In addition, there are several variants of the MacManus surname in both Ireland and Britain including: MacMannis, McMannus, MacManusse, McMannise, MacMannes, MacMannose, McMannose, Magees, Magess, McGessey, McGeschy, and Macanass.

Surnames of similar origin include MacAnas, MacEnes, MacEnas, MacEnesy, MacEnesse, MacEnus, MacInas, MacInes, MacInese, MacInish, MacInose, MacKinnis, MacManse, MacManses, MacMentis, MacMenus, MacMannis, MacUnese, and MacUnesse.

Overall, the surname MacManuse and its numerous variants are all derived from the Gaelic name MacMhuiris and helps to trace an individual's Irish roots. As with most surnames, these variations can be spread out all over the globe as individuals migrate.

Famous people with the name MacManuse

  • Colin MacManus, an American actor who has had roles in various TV shows such as Friends, Will & Grace, and Gilmore Girls.
  • Anne MacManus, an Irish writer and broadcaster who has written several books, including a acclaimed biography of Mary MacSwiney.
  • Conall MacManus, an Irish-American actor who has appeared in the films Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and The Promise.
  • Sean MacManus, an American broadcaster and media executive who is the current chairman of CBS Sports.
  • David MacManus, an American soccer player who is currently a member of the Colorado Rapids.
  • Kevin MacManus, an American actor and stand-up comedian best known for his role as the character Kenny Powers in the HBO series Eastbound & Down.
  • Brian MacManus, an American musician and songwriter who is the lead guitarist of the alternative rock band Local H.
  • James MacManus, an English writer and journalist who has written several novels, as well as non-fiction books on the history of trade unionism and public service broadcasting.
  • June MacManus, an Irish actress and author who has starred in many plays and films, and written several books about Irish culture.
  • Michael MacManus, an Irish theatre director and actor best known for his work in the West End production of A Christmas Carol.

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