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Surname MacQueane - Meaning and Origin

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MacQueane: What does the surname MacQueane mean?

MacQueane is a Scottish surname of Celtic origin. It is a variant of the surname MacQueen that comes from the Gaelic "Mac Cuinn," meaning "son of Conn." The name Conn has roots in the Irish "ceann" which means "head," implying a leader or chief. Therefore, MacQueane can be interpreted as "son of the leader" or "son of the chief". The MacQueen/MacQueane clan hails from the Hebrides and Highlands in Scotland. Like many surnames, variations in spelling such as McQueen, MacQuean, and MacQuin have occurred over centuries due to factors like phonetic spelling and regional accents. Despite these variations, its meaning remains constant. Remember, while surnames can give insights into familial history or past occupations, they don't necessarily hold any specific current meaning for those who carry them.

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MacQueane: Where does the name MacQueane come from?

The surname MacQueane is of Scottish origin. It is believed to be derived from the personal name "Cian," which means "ancient" in Gaelic. The prefix "Mac" signifies "son of," therefore, MacQueane can be translated to "son of Cian."

Throughout history, the use and spelling of last names have varied greatly. As such, MacQueane can be found under several spellings including MacQueen, MacQuean, MacQuene, and MacSwene. These variations are more commonly found in regions where Gaelic was spoken, especially in the Hebrides and the Isle of Skye.

Despite their Scottish origin, people bearing the surname MacQueane are relatively few, even in Scotland. Over time, some families carrying this surname migrated to other English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. But overall, it is not a common surname today in any specific location. However, it is like that highest concentrations would be found in countries with significant populations of people of Scottish descent.

Variations of the surname MacQueane

The surname MacQueane is of Scottish origin and suggests an ancestral connection to the MacDonald clan. The surname has gone through numerous variations throughout history due to regional dialects and phonetic spelling, among other factors.

Variations and spelling of MacQueane could include MacQueen, MacQuinn, McQueen, McQuinn, McQuin, MacQuean, McQuean, MacQuine, McQuine, MacQuen, McQuen, MacQuoin, McQuoin, McQueeney, MacQueeney, and McQueeny. Scottish surnames often carry the prefix "Mac" or "Mc," both meaning "son of," although some variations may have lost this through anglicization processes.

One of the common alternative spellings is McQueen which became popular, especially in America and Canada among Scottish immigrants. More anglicized versions drop the prefix altogether, resulting in surnames like Queen or Quin.

Please note that due to geographical and familial branches, these variations may or may not necessarily indicate the same familial lineage as the original MacQueane surname, but they share the same phonetic and/ or linguistic roots.

Famous people with the name MacQueane

  • Emma Macqueen: English actress best known for her role as Edie in the British comedy series Little Crackers.
  • Paul MacQueen: Scottish singer and songwriter.
  • Fiona Macqueen: Actress, known for If We Don’t Make it (2016), Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising (2011) and The Manifesto with Dave McKean (2009).
  • Adam Macqueen: British journalist and author.
  • James Macqueen: Actor, known for Hadrian's Wall (2011).
  • Andrew Macqueen: Former Headmaster of Harrow School in the United Kingdom and current President of the University of Oxford.
  • Christopher MacQueen: Actor, writer and producer, best known for his roles in The Dark Hours (2005) and Kingdom Hospital (2004).
  • Robert Macqueen: stage and film director, producer, and screenwriter.
  • Colin Macqueen: Director, Writer and Producer, known for Change (2019) and Sticks and Stones (0917).
  • Frank Macqueen: an Australian historian who wrote Suleiman the Magnificent.

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