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Surname Madlem - Meaning and Origin

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Madlem: What does the surname Madlem mean?

The last name Madlem comes from the Middle English word malem, meaning “hammer”. It is believed to have originated as an occupational surname referring to a smith, or someone who works with tools to shape metal. It is believed to have first been used as a surname in England during the 13th century. Madlem is also a variant spelling of the name Madlin, which is of French origin.

It is believed that the Madlem surname has various spelling variations including Madlam, Madlum, Madlem, Maddlem, Madlin and Madling. It is also possible to find this name in Scotland, although the name is more spread out in England, and is mostly found in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

In England Madlems are descended from hasty working people, such hammer smiths or iron workers. Today many Madlems still work in the same profession, keeping the family tradition alive. Other Madlems are spread around the world, taking on professions such as teachers, bankers, or business owners.

No matter the location, the surname Madlem will always be associated with hardworking and strong people. Whether that’s metal forging, teaching, banking, or business, the Madlem family name will stay strong in the generations to come.

Madlem: Where does the name Madlem come from?

The last name Madlem is most common today in the United States. In fact, according to the US Census Bureau, the name Madlem appears 1,121 times in the US, mainly concentrated in the Southwest.

The surname Madlem appears to be of Germanic/English origin, with roots in the Old English word “maddeln” which means “to make”. It is speculated that the name was adapted by English settlers of Germanic origin to new lands in the US during the colonial period.

Originally, the Madlems were spread among states in the Southwest such as Colorado, California, and Texas. In more recent times, their geographical range has extended through the Midwest and to the East Coast. Although the number of Madlems has decreased since the mid-1900s, it is still commonly found throughout the US.

In addition, the Madlem surname is relatively unique among other last names. While other surnames can be derived from a variety of origins - such as patronymic or place-based surnames - the Madlem name stands out in its singularity. Finally, the Madlem name continues to be quite common in the United States; a testament to its longstanding history and presence in the US.

Variations of the surname Madlem

The surname Madlem (which is of English origin) has several variants, spellings, and associated surnames. Some of the more common variants of the surname Madlem include Madlam, Madlane, Madalen, Madlin, Madlyn, and Maidlam.

Other possible variations of the surname Madlem include Maddlam, Madlow, Madlen, Maddlen, Madling, and Madlinn. It can also appear in spellings such as Madlon, Madlaan, Maddalen, Maddelen, and Madelon, as well as Madalaine, Madaline, Madlaine, Madalyn, Madalyne, Maddilyn, Maddylin, Maddelyn, and Maddelynn.

In addition to these variants, Madlem can also be associated with several surnames of a similar origin or with similar spellings. These include Maddox, Madden, Madge, Madill, Madix, Madsen, Madut, and Madson. Another associated surname is Milam, which is slightly different from Madlem but is believed to be descended from the same root.

The numerous variants, spellings, surnames, and associated surnames of the Madlem surname all indicate that it is a surname with a rich and varied history in the English-speaking world, making it an interesting surname to research and explore further.

Famous people with the name Madlem

  • Lars Madlem (former Norwegian government minister)
  • Garrett Madlem (former American professional basketball player)
  • Justine Madlem (Canadian Professional Basketball Player)
  • Maceo Madlem (singer and song-writer)
  • Joe Madlem (American professional football player)
  • Norbert Madlem (Polish-American computer scientist)
  • Braden Madlem (American web developer and internet entrepreneur)
  • Peter Madlem (American musician and producer)
  • Everett Madlem (American actor)
  • Dan Madlem (American vocalist and guitarist)
  • Loren Madlem (American singer-songwriter)
  • Eddie Madlem (American professional football player)
  • Michael Madlem (former Canadian hockey player)
  • Jim Madlem (American producer, director and cinematographer)
  • Austin Madlem (American professional skateboarder)

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