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Surname Magers - Meaning and Origin

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Magers: What does the surname Magers mean?

The surname Magers is of German origin. It's derived from the Germanic word "magen", which means "to be able or powerful". Therefore, the name is often thought to imply strength or power. It may have originally been given as a nickname for a strong or powerful person. The surname is popular in Western and Central Europe, particularly in Germany and Austria. Variations of the name include Mager, Magert, and Magers. Like many surnames, over the years, the Magers family name has been altered due to migration and anglicizing, leading to numerous variations in spelling and pronunciation.

Magers: Where does the name Magers come from?

The surname Magers originates from Germany. It is believed to be derived from the Middle High German word "maker" or "meger", which means "maker" or "producer". This occupational surname was perhaps initially used for someone who was a tailor or a maker of some other goods.

Magers is relatively uncommon, but it is most prevalent in the United States, followed by Germany, according to surname distribution data. In the US, states like Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri have a higher concentration of individuals with the Magers surname. Despite its German roots, it has spread across parts of Europe, and even to Australia and South Africa due to migration. It's worth noting that the variation in spelling like the inclusion of "h" (Mahger or Mahgers) or usage of "r" and "s" at the end (Magers, Mager, etc) may vary by region or over different time periods.

Variations of the surname Magers

The surname Magers is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has many variations and similar spellings. Some of the most common variants include Mager, Majer, Mayer, Maier, Meager, and Magar. These likely emerged due to different regional pronunciations or transcription errors over time.

Surnames with the same origin may derive from professions or personal characteristics. For instance, the surname "Mager" which is similar to Magers, is derived from the Middle High German term for "skinny."

Surnames that contain "mayor" or "meier" may also share an origin with Magers, as these names refer to a steward or bailiff in Middle High German - positions of power or influence in a community which over time may have become family surnames.

Furthermore, it should be noted that similar sounding surnames from different languages and cultural backgrounds may not necessarily share the same origins. For instance, the surname "Mager" exists in Dutch, German, and Jewish communities, albeit with possibly different etymological roots.

Lastly, variations of Magers could also include phonetically similar-sounding surnames, such as Magas or Mages. However, without further etymological and historical research, it is uncertain whether such variants indeed relate to the surname Magers.

Famous people with the name Magers

  • Schuyler Magers, comedian
  • Max Magers, American broadcaster
  • Yennefer Magers, character in the Witcher Saga
  • Kristi Magers, American television producer
  • Bill Magers, former MLB pitcher
  • Emily Magers, YouTube vlogger
  • Jakemagers, soccer player from Columbia
  • Luke Magers, former NFL wide receiver
  • Cari Magers, celebrity make-up artist
  • Trey Magers, former professional wrestler

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