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Surname Magid - Meaning and Origin

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Magid: What does the surname Magid mean?

The last name Magid is of Hebrew origin and is thought to have derived from the word 'Magid' which translates to 'teacher'. This suggests that Magid is a surname usually given to a family of teachers who provide learning and guidance to their community. It is also associated with several occupations such as rabbis, cantors and Bible scholars.

The Magid family can be traced back to the 14th century Germany, where the name would have been adopted by a rabbinical family who had immigrated from Europe. Today, the Magid family is widely established throughout Britain, Israel, America and other parts of Europe, and continues to promote the values of teaching and learning.

The significance of the surname is seen to be far more than a reference to the occupation of a teacher. It is the embodiment of respect, honour and knowledge - values that are held in high regard by many Jewish communities. Amongst those bearing the surname, there is a sense of pride - a reminder of their family’s legacy built on the foundations of learning and passing on of wisdom. The name Magid carries a pervasive influence on Jewish culture.

This is a fitting recognition of the teaching road the Magid family have taken in their illustrious history as judgement, leadership and education are prestigious aspects of this renowned surname. In this sense, the Magid surname represents more than just the occupation of a teacher, it symbolises a proud and influential family.

Magid: Where does the name Magid come from?

The last name Magid is relatively common among Jewish individuals today. It is of Ashkenazi Jewish origin, originally derived from the Hebrew word for "preacher" or "teacher." The Magid family name has roots in Eastern Europe, specifically Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia. It is also associated with some Hasidic Jewish communities from Poland and Belarus.

In modern times, the last name Magid can be found among Jewish communities from across Europe, the Americas, Australia, and the Middle East. In particular, it is seen among Ashkenazi Jewish communities in the United States and Israel. Many descendants of the original Magid families have Jewish surnames that closely resemble "Magid" but are spelled differently, such as Maghed, Maggid, McGady, and McGidd.

Being one of the oldest Ashkenazi surnames, it remains in use today. The Magid surname also has some non-Jewish origins, including a small Muslim community in Lebanon and families of Dutch-English, German, and French descent. The name is also known in some communities as an anglicized version of the Irish surname McGeady, which is derived from the Gaelic Mac an Ghabhann meaning "son of the smith."

Regardless of its origins, the last name Magid remains common among Ashkenazi Jewish communities today. It is used by individuals all over the world to trace their ancestry and connect to a common heritage.

Variations of the surname Magid

The surname Magid is derived from the ancient Hebrew phrase "Maggid," meaning "preacher" or "teacher." It is also the linguistic root for the popular given name "Maggie." Magid is sometimes spelled differently, including some variants of Magid that are used in various parts of the world. Common alternate spellings of Magid include Mageed, Maggid, Maguid, MacGid, Magheed, Magyid, Maguide, and Magoid.

Other surnames derived from the same linguistic root include Magyar, Macgill, McGarry, McGil, Magill, Magee, Maghir, Mageean, and Megyeri. In Israel, the surname Magid is pronounced with a hard "g" and is popular among Jewish Sephardic families. However, in the United States and Canada, some members of the Jewish Ashkenazim community spell the name with a softer "g" as Magid.

Though the surname Magid is most commonly associated with Jewish families, it is also used in some Muslim and Christian families. In Islamic countries, Magid can also be spelled as Maghid, Maghad, Macdhid, and Maged. Many Arabic-speaking Muslims throughout the Middle East claim a connection to the renowned Magid Line. This is a distinct line of revered teachers and interpreters of the Torah and the Hadith, dating back to the ninth century C.E. In Christian families, Magid is alternatively known as MacGid, MacGhee, MacGiddy, Maghind, Magheed, and MacGeid.

Famous people with the name Magid

  • Erika Magid: executive producer for multiple shows including the hit show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Bob Magid: Canadian politician and former president and CEO of Enform, the upstream oil and gas safety association of Canada
  • Val Magid: former President and CEO of the Magid Glove & Safety company
  • David Magid: President and CEO of the Magid Glove & Safety company
  • Hugo Magid: American Jewish author and philosopher
  • Michael Magid: personal injury lawyer in New York City
  • Jonathan Magid: a British-born Canadian singer-songwriter and producer
  • Steven J. Magid: American physicist, academic and inventor
  • Joan Rivers (née Goldstein): American stand-up comedian, actress, writer, and television host, born to musician Bea (Magid) and physician Meyer C. Goldstein
  • Will Magid: American DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, trumpet player, and composer 11. Helene Magid: former Chair of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation
  • Heather Magid: former executive director of the Canadian Federation of Students
  • Michael Magid: American jazz pianist
  • Philip Magid: founder and chairman of the Nutritional Supplement company Iovate Health Sciences

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