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Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery with the iGENEA DNA Test: Exploring the Mahan Surname

Family name Mahan

The iGENEA DNA test unveiled the fascinating origins and historical significance of the surname Mahan and provided a platform to connect with others who share the surname. An enriching and enlightening journey bridging personal ancestry, the test provides a sense of ancestral identity.

The hobby of genealogy took an exciting turn for me when I decided to explore my roots further by taking the iGENEA DNA test. The mere saliva test was simple and something that could be done in the comfort of one's home. Upon receiving the results, I was fascinated by the amount of information it offered about my ancestry.

The test unveiled the origins of my surname, Mahan, traced it back to Celtic roots, and explained its likely early origins in Ireland before spreading out to the British Isles and further into Europe. It shed light on the migration patterns of my ancestors, likely resulting from invasions, wars, famine, and seeking new opportunities.

One of the most captivating pieces of knowledge I gained was the potential historical significance of the Mahan name. The test revealed the name's historic prominence, linking it to a group of Celtic leaders and warriors, which added a completely new dimension and color to my understanding of my surname.

The test results were detailed, providing specifics on my gene subsections, indicating the areas my ancestors likely frequented. It surprised me to learn about the traces of Eastern European and Scandinavian ancestry in my DNA.

The iGENEA DNA database's function to connect me with others sharing the surname Mahan was an incredible feature. Connecting with others who share the Mahan name has been an enriching experience. We’ve had intriguing conversations about our individual family histories and found surprising connections. The communal aspect was delightful as it offered windows into diversified individual experiences within a shared surname.

The customer service was exceptional, with easy-to-understand explanations provided for the information. The team’s passion for genealogy was evident in their attempt to personalize my DNA test results. They were constantly available for any needed clarification or inquiry I had, making me feel valued as a client.

In conclusion, the iGENEA DNA Test has been an enlightening journey. It took genealogy from being a hobby to becoming a bridge to my ancestry, offering me a sense of ancestral identity and opening doors to potential relationships with people of similar backgrounds. It was worth every cent and would be something I’d recommend to anyone interested in genealogy.

G. Mahan

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