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Surname Maillo - Meaning and Origin

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Maillo: What does the surname Maillo mean?

The last name Maillo is of Spanish origin but is quite rare even in Spain. There is no specific meaning attached to this surname in the public domain as the origins are quite uncertain. However, surnames usually connect to a wide range of factors including occupation, personal characteristics, and geography.

In this case, it is probable that "Maillo" could be associated with an occupation or topographic feature of the place where the early bearers of the surname lived, but it isn't specified clearly. The interpretation of such surnames often requires detailed genealogical or historical research and might relate to a specific geographical region or time period in Spain.

While it does not contain any overt meaning in Spanish, it may have derived from a local or regional dialect term. It's important to note that many surnames have passed through many iterations and adaptations through generations, therefore the original meaning or context might have been lost in time.

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Maillo: Where does the name Maillo come from?

Maillo is a surname of Spanish origin. It's derived from the word "mayo" meaning May, thus it could relate to someone who was born or baptized in that month. Alternatively, the name could be geographical, originating from a place named Maillo in Spain. The name could also relate to the occupation of a farmer, as "mayo" is a prime month for planting crops.

The surname Maillo isn't very common globally, but its highest concentration is in Spain, specifically in the region of Castilla y León. Over time, due to migration and emigration factors, the presence of this surname has spread, albeit thinly, to other parts of the world. Today, it can be found in small numbers in the Americas, especially in the United States and some parts of Latin America.

Variations of the surname Maillo

The surname Maillo has various alternative spellings and variations that might be the result of geographical location, translation, interpretation, or phonetic transcription. These variants could include Maillot, Mallo, Malloz, Mallot, Malla, Malay, Maille, Mailla, Maill, Maylo, Mayloz, Mayllot, Meylo, Mahlo, Mahilo, and more.

Surnames that have the same or similar origin (typically Spanish and French surnames), could include de Maillol, Maillon, Millo, Milloz, Melot, Mellot, Mailet, Maillard, Mallet, Maillet, among others.

In Spanish-speaking regions, there might be compound surnames such as Maillot-Perez, Mallo-Gomez, Maillol-Garcia, reflecting the Spanish custom of using both the father's and mother's surnames.

Remember that many variations can exist due to a wide range of factors over centuries, including regional dialects, literacy rates, translation errors, and simply personal preference. Always consider possible variations when researching genealogy or family history.

Famous people with the name Maillo

  • Camilo Sesto (1946-2019): Spanish singer, songwriter, and producer who achieved international fame during the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Cristina Maillo: Spanish actress who has appeared on television, in feature films, and musicals.
  • Xavi Maillo: Spanish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for the Spanish side CD Leganés.
  • Teresa Maillo: Spanish classical pianist and composer who has won several awards such as the Discovery Award at the International Music Award ‘Silbato’ (Spain).
  • Sergio Maillo: Spanish professional swimmer, who has won several medals in international tournaments.
  • Miquel Maillo: Spanish actor who has appeared in a variety of television series and films.
  • Nacho Maillo: Spanish professional rugby union player who plays for Rugby Club Axarquía Málaga.
  • Santiago Maillo: Spanish footballer currently playing for the Spanish side Real Racing Club de Santander.
  • Carlos Maillo: Male vocalist from Galicia, Spain most known for his vocal performances of the traditional “romantic” Galician ballads.
  • David Maillo: Spanish Paralympic athlete. He has competed in T11 classification track and field events at the 2008,2012,2016 and 2018 Summer Paralympics.

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